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Impurity Spiraling

by Billy Roper

Over the last several weeks, as more than a few spokesmen and ostensible leaders of the Alt Right have been exposed as either being Jewish or homosexuals or being race mixers, controversy has arisen among the ranks of the millennial young folks over how broad our tent should be, and the Jewish Question. It’s become such a large issue that it’s simply referred to by the acronym “JQ” among the neophyte red-pilled, as veteran White Nationalists begin to educate them along the path to radicalization. Their serious questions deserve a serious response, to clear the air.

Are Jews White?  No. Jews are not White, genetically, culturally, or politically. They can be identified as a separate ethnicity by D.N.A.. I can draw an identifiable and recognizable  side-profile caricature of a Jew, which I can’t do for a Baptist or a Catholic. The Jewish state of Israel defines Jewishness by ethnicity, through their ‘law of return’, as someone who has a Jewish mother, regardless of their faith or lack thereof. Jews can even inherit race-specific diseases, such as Tay-Sachs, which non-Jews cannot. While they may call themselves White for political purposes, it is always done to undermine Whiteness. Jews are NOT White.


Is Christianity Jewish? Was Jesus Jewish?

My positions, as a Christian Identist? No, and no. But, as he and I have discussed these two aspects of the Jewish question in depth, I’ll defer to Pastor Paul Mullet’s past writings on these theological questions.  I think that readers will find them very informative.


Aren’t you just Purity Spiraling?

I think that accepting nonWhites, even quarter-nonWhites, or those who are married to them, is Impurity Spiraling, a downward spiral of permissiveness, tolerance, and corruption. It’s kind of like, if you took a nice cold bowl of vanilla ice cream on a hot day, and put it under a microscope, you might find a microscopic fleck of fly feces. It could happen. If it did, would you throw the whole bowl of ice cream away? Would you try to ignore the microscopic fleck and eat it, anyway? How much feces in your ice cream would be too much, before it stopped being ice cream to you, and started being garbage? A tiny visible speck? A lump? A cup? At some point, we have to draw a line. As a former educator, I always counted an “A” as being 90% or better. I think that everyone, even those who want to parse semantics and try to quibble about percentages, claiming that since we do not have the perfect, we should not promote the good, can all agree to that standard, at least. Anything less, should not even be considered as part of our movement, or our people.


What about homosexuals?

The exclusion of homosexuals and bisexuals from our future White nation isn’t simply based on a moral position. Homosexuality is a mental illness, and nature’s way of removing those with defective genetic material from the breeding population. Our responsibility to nature and nature’s God is to take our cues from that, and be proactive, speeding up the expressed will of nature.


Can we have them as allies?

No. The radical flank effect works by making wiggle room to our left for others to say the same thing in a slightly more palatable manner. We polarize and radicalize and normalize extremes, that’s how the Hegelian dialectic of Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis gets pushed back against our enemies. Not through moderation. Not through being lukewarm. Those hearing the message take the baby steps, not those delivering it. At least, not those of us who are out here on the front lines. We move the Overton Window rightwards, or we smash it in with a brick.

If any Jews or other nonWhites, or homosexuals, or race traitors, genuinely wanted to see a White homeland come to fruition, one in which they would serve as tomato fertilizer, then they’d have to be so psychopathic that they’d be untrustworthy. Either they don’t understand what having a White nation would mean for them, or they don’t genuinely wish to see it happen.

Having them run Alt Right podcasts and influencing others, saying that having sex with nonWhites does no harm, having Jewish and nonWhite spouses, supporting homosexuals, and accusing anyone who doesn’t think Halle Berry is hot of ‘purism’, is how they dilute the cause, by insipidly watering it down. Then they accuse us of following the one drop rule. They’re Jews, and Jew lovers. That’s what they do, to undermine and weaken.

I won’t ally with them. I will fight them. Rhetorically, and otherwise.
I am a Purist. Again, there might also be a misunderstanding with what we mean by having a White nation. My White nation wouldn’t just be passively White, it would be actively working against the existence of the very people whom some want to make “allies”.

Stop the Impurity Spiraling. Get unCucked.

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