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The Fourth Branch of Government

by Billy Roper

The controlled media has now clearly emerged as the most powerful branch of the U.S. government. It is clearly serving not simply as the loyal opposition, and not just as the fourth estate, but as the disloyal, hostile fourth wing of power.

The Supreme Court was not around during the debate, formation, or ratification of the U.S. Constitution. The Judicial branch was created by that contract. Now, the federal bench has clawed out a bloody niche for itself redefining the Constitution, in particular the first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights. Some branches of the court, such as the 9th circuit whose Judge suspended the so-called ‘Muslim ban’, are overtly judicial activists, both revisionist and very liberal. This is a reflection of the left coast, Pacific Northwest Marxism prevalent in that far-flung fringe corner of our fracturing nation.

We see the continuing polarization of the United States, and its deep divisions, not only as the Executive and Judicial branches come to ideologically-driven impasses earlier on than they ever have before in any new Presidential administration, but also as the Vice President was forced to cast an unprecedented tie-breaking vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as the new Secretary of Education after two female Republican Senators, driven by left-wing teacher’s unions opposing the nominee, defected across party lines.

Imagine if you entered into a contract with someone, and a third party later began to redefine the terms of that contract? That’s essentially what Supreme Court contortions of the U.S. Constitution amount to. The third branch has traditionally been the weakest, for the very reason that its checks and balances power was designed to be weaker by the Founding Fathers. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s packing of the court was an indication of that, by the left. The only real strength of the Judiciary is that they are harder to remove from office. How they exercise that power, by consistently undermining and overturning the expressed will and intent of voters, for example in every state which has held a referendum on gay marriage, is indicative of their intent.

Even more obvious is the intent of the most powerful branch of the U.S. government, the overwhelmingly Jewish owned and controlled mainstream media. Politicians know that they cannot be elected or reelected if the attack dogs of the media are let loose on them. Scandals and personal failings, real or imagined, can be either covered up and ignored or hammered home over and over. The intrusion of editorial commentary into what formerly were straight news stories is undeniable to anyone who turns on any of the major networks. Their huge influence over public opinion and the shadow they cast over the electorate can make or break most legislators. Never before has the controlled media been as unified and hostile towards the ideals and principles of our Founding Fathers, and our nation’s founding people. Like the federal judiciary, the controlled media are activists, and their chutzpah has made them right out in the open with it.

Alternately, some might say that the Federal Reserve, the private banking system which controls U.S. monetary policy and all credit and debt, both public and private, is more powerful than the media. They might be true, especially since there hasn’t been a non-Jewish Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank for three decades, except that it’s the Jewish control of the media which makes this control possible, through hiding it, camouflaging it, and then shaming and attacking any who notice and mention it.

No, the alternative media of the internet, as helpful as it is in creating the echo chambers necessary for the continued balkanization and polarization process, has not lessened the power of the controlled media, but rather simply highlighted it.

What I observe happening as a result of this direct charge by our enemies, and what we have to tirelessly promote, is the continued recognition of their advocacy positions, their vitriol, and their open bias. The next step is to make sure that our people understand and are forced to admit, by naming the Jew, who owns and controls the mainstream media. Then, the polarization and widening of differences as the mutually exclusive and contrary internal forces breaking America apart can finish its inexorable process.

This inevitable fracturing and dissolution of multiracial democracy is why we should all take heart, and be white-pilled. Our enemies are doing all of the heavy lifting for us, by arrogantly focusing on identity politics and patently rejecting Civic Nationalism, which might have otherwise saved them for a couple more decades. Now, the plug will get pulled more quickly. They just can’t help themselves.

Lord, for that which we are about to receive, let us be truly thankful.

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