…We don’t want you back!

…We don’t want you back!

by Billy Roper

The following is my response to a comment on the “New Year’s Revolution” article posted on the Racial Observer website, HERE. Please read the article and the previous comment on it for the full context of my remarks. Once again, the issue under discussion is whether those who race mix, and those who promote or condone race-mixing, should be allied with, or even considered White Nationalists.

I think that any conscious act of sexual race-mixing, whether one is doing it out of liberal brainwashing or not, is racial treason. Let me be specific: If a woman or, as rare as it might be, a man, is raped by a nonWhite, that would be something to be sickened and ashamed of, but that they are not guilty from. Of course any pregnancy from nonWhite rape should be aborted, and there is always the threat of telegeny, but I would be compassionate and give them a pass, since it was unwilling. For willing sex, no. I understand all of the excuses, “they were drunk, they didn’t know any better”, whatever, but in life sometimes there are consequences, harsh consequences, to our actions. One bad choice to drive drunk and swerve over the yellow line, killing a White family, is still homicide, and you still have to go to prison. To me, having sex with a nonWhite is far worse than that. It’s racial treason. They can serve their race, if they wish, but no race traitor can repent of that, and undo it. Some things in life cannot be taken back. Sometimes, there are no do-overs.

Sadly, many people in our movement are egocentric individualists. They have bought into the idea that the racial struggle is about making sure that clones of themselves remain on this Earth, instead of the goal being to improve the quality of the species and our race as a whole. National Socialism teaches us the truth of this even when it comes to eugenic science. In a racially healthy society, some people would serve the race by having more children, and some would serve it by having less, or none at all, if their genetics weren’t of a quality we’d like to see passed on to the next generation, regardless of how patriotic or passionate they were, in their heart. This struggle is not about us as individuals, and one way to reduce the instances of interracial sex is to create such a deterrent to it that everyone, racial or not, knows the consequences of such action before it happens. People like Andrew Anglin saying that it does no harm and “sport-f#cking” little Asian girls only serves to cuck nonWhite guys, actually encourages it. It’s kind of like if I said to my kid, “Hey, don’t eat that cookie, but if you do, well, it doesn’t really hurt anybody, and cookies aren’t bad for you.” What do you think the effect of that would be, on a child? Obviously, there’d quickly be no more cookies left. That’s not how you set standards.

You set standards by saying, “If you do this, here are the consequences”. “Oh, you didn’t know those were the consequences?” “Sorry, those are the consequences.”

Our cause has never been so desperate for warm bodies that we needed to have the big tent approach of letting in or allying with Jews, other nonWhites, homosexuals, or race traitors. Now, more than ever, with White Nationalism and the Alt Right being mainstreamed and normalized, we can afford to be even more picky than ever, because more young people, especially, millennials, are bandwagoning onto something they correctly see as edgy and anti-establishment. That’s why we’re having this discussion, because there is a flood of new people coming in, and the question arises, do we dilute White Nationalism to widen the gates and let more of them in, or do we select from them those worthy of conforming to our standards?

Remember that our Founding Fathers only made up 3% of the colonial population at the beginning of the American revolution. History has always been changed not by majorities, but by tireless minorities, as Samuel Adams wrote. Some among us still suffer from the delusion that we’re either going to somehow vote our way out of this mess, or form a massive army to fight ZOG. Neither is the case. We don’t need mass support, or huge numbers. We need hardness. Balkanization is coming, and we need people tough enough to pick up the pieces and draw firm lines in the sand, literally and figuratively.

It’s true that in the early 1930’s, most of Goebbel’s recruits in the capitol region were former Communists. But he didn’t lower the recruiting standards or change the party’s ideology to allow them to wiggle in, he selected from among them those who could measure up. It’s okay that not everyone who wants to be a part of our movement will be judged worthy. In fact, I think it’s great that we’re finally, after years of struggle, at the point where we can turn people away. To sum up his ‘Wedding Feast’ parable in Matthew 22:14, Jesus said “Many are called, but few are chosen”. Let’s focus on quality, not quantity, and uphold the high standard that “once you go black, we don’t want you back”, and “once you go yellow, we don’t need you, fellow”.

Let me close by sharing with you a personal story that I’ve never never written or spoken about before, anywhere. Several years ago, I was on a trip in California, and was in the home of a guy who was interested in the movement, and wanted to learn more. After an in depth discussion, he said that he wanted to join, but there was just one problem, he was 1/4 Cherokee. Could he still join? I sat there in the guy’s chair, in his house, drinking his coffee, and told him NO, he could not join, because if he believed that he was a quarter Cherokee, then he wasn’t White. The guy was shocked, probably more at my audacity, I guess, than anything else. We parted on civil terms, but do you know, I’ve heard back from people out there more than once that the guy STILL talks about that. Why? Because he respected it. People respect something that is exclusive, that has standards, even if they are standards which they themselves don’t measure up to. If they don’t, and attack those standards, then they show themselves to be the enemy, who can’t put the cause above themselves.

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