White Lives Matter

Last night and this morning I have been texting and tweeting and facebook IMing to try to help coordinate the ShieldWall Network Phalanx contingent who are right now bravely entering Shelbyville, Tennessee, alongside their League of the South, NSM, and Traditionalist Worker Party allies.

There is a heavy tactical police presence at the Shelbyville intersection, with police snipers and drones and helicopters, MSRP military armored vehicles, bomb sniffing dogs, and a scattering of unwashed looking Antifa. This is round one.

Round two will be this afternoon in Murfreesboro.

When the day is done, we will bring you personal accounts and eyewitness stories from White Lives Matter rally participants. For now, we offer our encouragement and prayers for their safety, and if it comes down to it, their aim.

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