‘Die Together as Fools’ or ‘The Balk’

by Paul Jones

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools” are the options that Martin Luther King, Jr. offered. “To live together as brothers” might have been possible if we hadn’t gone further than the adage of my departed uncle from the South who said “We can all get to heaven but we don’t have to be sitting on each other’s laps to get there.”

Unfortunately, the philosophy of my uncle, prevalent in the Christian churches in the South during the days of legal segregation, is no longer a reality. In almost all the Christian churches at this point, from Fundamentalist to liberal, the philosophy is “there’s only one race, the human race” and since we’re all supposedly descended from the same ancestors, Adam and Eve, racial characteristics must be only skin deep and “traits” that can be easily ignored. As a consequence, why not move forward towards Z.O.G.’s genocidal goal for the European races of mankind, which is for them to amalgamate with the non-whites to produce a mulatto or mestizo future which will mean the eventual racial extinction of whites?

While I hope that the alternative, separation of races, would be peaceful it seems almost certain that it’s going to be far from that. Since the Jews have had themselves classified as “fellow whites” for political reasons so as to be able to more effectively control and manipulate the European gentiles in the U.S. and all over the West, and the Holocaust story continues to paralyze the reaction of most whites to what is happening to them; matters can only get more and more chaotic as time goes by and further demographic shifts in white percentages of populations makes political change by voting less and less possible.

So when the economic collapse comes, as I’m sure it will before long, whites are going to have no choice but to move into white enclaves like southwest Virginia, eastern Tennessee or northern Arkansas, where they will organize themselves defensively for the likelihood of Civil War II. Hopefully enough whites will survive this so as to set up viable ethno-states and we all won’t “die together as fools.”

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