How Diversity Will End

How Diversity Will End

from Amerika.org: 


The Left describes us as racists who just want to escape certain minorities. As the attack on diversity itself spreads, however, more are seeing that diversity itself is the problem, and our goal is not to escape certain minority groups, but all conditions under which there is not ethnic, cultural, and religious uniformity.

This means that instead of focusing on avoiding a threat, we are concentrating our efforts on forming our own group.

In turn, that means that communities will separate as people try to find those who are like them. This process, known as “balkanization,” involves each group separating from all others and adopting a benevolent xenophobia that assumes correctly that any other group wants to conquer them and take their stuff.

Your Catholic neighbors are going to form their own neighborhood. They will do this by scoping out a corner of the ‘hood where they can buy a bunch of houses. Then their comrades will buy out those who are not Catholic mainly because those will be feeling like outsiders as the number of Catholics rises.

The same thing will happen by race, ethnic group, and caste. People will associate with those like them and buy out others in a process similar to gentrification. Soon America will be divided into neighborhoods organized around identity — overlapping race, religion, ethnic group, culture, and social class — on a permanent basis.

Pretty soon these groups will organize neighborhood patrols. They will have a simple rule: those who are of the group, and doing roughly what is needed, will be welcomed; everyone else dies in a hail of bullets. All pretenses of being “nice” and “we are all one” will die in grim, frigid realism…”

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