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SWN White Family Christmas Drive

Each year, the ShieldWall Network holds its annual White Family Christmas Drive. Millions of our people live paycheck to paycheck, one missed payment away from eviction and homelessness, and struggle to pay their utility bills and put groceries on the table. This is due to many factors, from our dysfunctional society and broken families and homes, to wage slave capitalism. When we regain control over our destiny as a people in ethnostates, Whites will once again be allowed to live fulfilling, meaningful lives of purpose and order. Until then, as we work towards that day, we grieve especially for those White families with children who are struggling.

The Holiday season is the time of year when our people become most generous, but for parents unable to buy gifts for their children, it is the time of year when the want becomes most bitter. For that reason, the SWN White Family Christmas Drive would like to ask for your help.

If you know of a White family with young children who are struggling financially and may not be able to give their kids much of a Christmas, please let us know. Ideally, we would like to have a mailing address so the gift packages can be mailed to them. Also, if you can list the ages and genders of the children, that would help us buy appropriate presents for them. We’re not trying to give little boys dolls or little girls a carpentry set. Trad gifts for trad kids.

The address which you can mail in your nominations of families to receive assistance from the SWN White Family Christmas Drive is:

c/o Billy Roper

P.O. Box 1937

Mountain View, AR. 72560

or, you can e-mail the information to

Thank you for helping us help our future.

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