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Passover, “The Supper of Christ”, or Easter?

Passover ,“The Supper of Christ”, or Easter?

We must look at why Christ died on the cross, but let’s look and see if there is any where in the Old Testament about the crucifixion.

Psalm 22. the telling of Christ on the cross, and what he would say, to                            fulfill the prophecy. This is told 1000 yrs before Jesus. 60 generations back to David.

Isaiah 53, telling of the coming of Yehoshua, 47 generations back.

Why do we go back to the Old Testament? To show that the ancient words of God relate to the New Testament of Yehoshua. Yehoshua constantly said to the Pharisees and Sadducees, “Have you not read”, “it is written”, constantly referring back to the Old Testament the Law of God.

Now let’s look at the crucifixion.

Matthew 27:46, Yehoshua still teaching while hanging on the cross, He is teaching Psalms 22. also in Luke 23:34-36, John 19:1-42. Look at Mark 15:34.

Remission of sins, Matthew 26:26-28. Shows why Yehoshua died for us, why no covenant could be made without the shedding of blood, and no remission of sins! Ex: 24:8, Heb: 9:20-22,

Lev: 17:11. Ephesians 5:2, Galatians 1:4

Now that we know that Yehoshua was crucified for our sins, what law did Yehoshua abolish, when He was sacrificed on the cross? Did He change any law of God?

Paul wrote in I Corinthians: 5:6-8, Yehoshua became our Passover, sacrificed for our sins, why? For what law?

Matthew 5:17-19, Yehoshua not changing one tittle or jot of the law.

Mark 7: 6-23 Yehoshua teaching of the traditions of men.

Exodus 4,5,6, sin offerings, this is what Yehoshua fulfilled, the first to establish the second, He did not abolish any law, He fulfilled the sacrifice ordinance and the blood law.

Hebrews 10:1-12, God sees any animal sacrifice as an abomination to him, because His son has already fulfilled that ordinance and law.

Psalms 40:6,7,8 even then a thousand years before Yehoshua, God did not like animal sacrifices, because they were not perfect, the sins were still there before God’s face, never wiped away, until Yehoshua. This is why the devil interfered so much in the line of Yehoshua, if he could stop the Christ from being born then man would not have forgiveness of sin, and man would never be above Satan. Satan would always have control over man, or the sons and daughters of Eth- Ha-Awdam.

Now let’s look at easter and see what it really is. Only one place in the whole King James Bible has easter,  Acts 12:4, it was mistranslated from the Greek.

In the Companion Bible easter is defined as a heathen term, derived from the Saxons, “us”, goddess eastre, the same as astarte, the Syrian venus, called ahsteroth in the Old Testament. Where? 1Kings 11:5, Judges 2:13,  ashteroth was an erect goddess of the Canaanite Nation and baal was the figure of the male organ, grove worship. Appendix 42 in the Companion Bible explains very clearly the evolution of this heathen holiday. In the orginal Greek language of the new testament  there is no easter, the word is Paska, “Pascha”,  which means Passover. How in the world did it get mistranslated? When the church was trying to get Saxons into the church to be converted, the only way to do this was to adopt some of the heathen practices into the church, this also introduced Kennites into the church. This is how the word easter came to be.  Nowhere in the original Greek manuscripts is the word easter mentioned. You can learn of the heathen gods from books written by Christians, who try to shine the light on pagan holidays; “Missing links discovered in the Assyrian tablets” by Dr. E Raymond Capt, and “America B.C.“, by Barry Fell. 

Let’s look at a couple of things.

  1. Christ drank fermented wine at the last supper, Yayin in the Hebrew and Gennama, “Gennema”, in the Greek.
  2. Christ was scourged, What is scourged? To be whipped , a lash for whipping. The Romans used a Flagellum, a handle with three leather straps wrapped with small wooden dowels with pieces of metal on the end. Pg 595 Smiths Bible Dictionary.

This is the point of the subject, how on Earth could we as Christians take the most Holy day of God and call it by a heathen name, the sacrifice that Christ gave for us, deserves more than what we give. His skin was ripped from his body, by a flagellum, his face beaten in and thorns placed on his head, with hardly any blood left in his body he gave the rest of it to God for You and I. How could we disgrace his name, and his sacrifice for us, by using an obscene pagan name in place of his HOLY DAY, WE SHOULD FOREVER BE ASHAMED.

Where did the Passover come from? Why do we have Passover? Who is our Passover? What do we do to observe Passover and the resurrection of Yehoshua, Christ, and when is the Passover? 

  1. Where did the Passover come from, Exodus 12:41-43
  2. Why do we have Passover? Matthew 26: 26-28
  3. Who is our Passover? 1Corinthians 5:7-8
  4. What do we do to observe Passover? Ex: 12: 34-42
  5. When is the Passover? Solar equinox, first day of spring, count 14 days, that 14th day is Passover starting at 6pm on that day, you must remember that solar is 24hrs, so you must count a day as 24hrs not 12hrs.

No stranger could eat the Passover of God in the Old Testament, Yehoshua changed all that, but it is still an ordinance of God and a law.

Exodus 12

          How do we become circumcised? Romans 3:19-31

          What about the Law of God? Romans 2:11-29

          Does this mean the Law is void? NO 1Corinthians 7:18-24

Words from the book of Hebrews that need interpretation.

Perfect=Teleioa= consummate make a full end of.

Worshippers=latreua=worshipping of God


No more=medeis=conception of

Sins=hamartia=not hitting the mark, morality of mind.

Remembrance=anamnesis= again and again

World=kosmos=time, world then.

Wouldest=thela= demand, in the Hebrew its demandest

Prepared=katartiza=arrange set in order

Me= for me

Wine= oinos, Gennema Greek, Yayin, Hebrew, fermented grapes. apendx 27

 I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this study into our God and Savior. Why it’s important to understand why we should never call our holy day by a disgraceful name of a heathen goddess made up by Babylonian Jews, Kenites.

Please leave any comments or corrections, always willing to listen or read corrections to the study. We are always learning.

I understand the Jews have taken over OUR word of Passover and made it their own, so I use the Term “The Supper of Christ” or “The Lords Supper” instead.

Kindest Regards

Johnny Rebb.

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