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Now accepting CC or DC for ‘The Balk’.

In order to expedite those who need to read it the most being able to receive a print copy of The Balk more quickly, Vinland Freedom Press is now accepting all major credit and debit cards for online orders of the most banned and censored nonfiction book of the 21st century so far. This is the book which (((they))) are doing everything in their power to keep you from reading, because they know what is coming and don’t want you to be ready.

Be sure to include your shipping address in the comments when you order HERE.

You may also still order a copy with a check or money order through their site, as well.

For those who would like to become distributors of The Balk, discount bulk orders are available, which include permission to resale at profit.

After shipping and handling, five copies would be $45.15.

If you buy at least 50 then there’s a ten percent discount, buy at least 100 and there’s a fifteen percent discount, buy at least 250 and there’s a twenty percent discount, at least 500 and there’s a 25% discount, and at least 1000 and there’s a 30% discount.

The Balk Right is growing as the vision spelled out in The Balk accelerates closer. Do your part and secure your place on our team. Join the ShieldWall Network and be a future Founding Father of the new White Ethnostate.

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