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Letter from an Ozarkian Refugee

by Whitey

Dear readers , This is a follow up report from 2016 when I wrote about my plight and fleeing the shithole place known as Peoria, Illinois to the Ozarks of Missouri . No sooner than getting here I knew I was home. There have been so many whites that have moved here since we have, mostly for the same reasons.  I will always be a refugee, just like many others who have fled to this place and the Ozarks of northern Arkansas. Shortly after getting here  I read ‘The Balk’ and it confirmed what I realized long ago- that voting will never change my situation or yours, and demographics tell it all. Meaning  that it would always be a shithole in that state of Illinois and in all blue states with non white squatters.  But these  two states have some of the best gun rights in the country . Our schools are white ! Land taxes are cheap here . In the five years of being here I have made many contacts . Jobs don’t pay a lot but the cost of living is cheap . I make half of what I did in Illinois but have more to show for it . Food cost is minimal because we can raise and hunt our own meat relatively easy. Some of the purest water in the country can be found in the Missouri/Arkansas Ozarks. I could go on with many more positives but won’t . My only regret is I did not do this sooner . I am a SWN member because I care about my family’s future and yours, and I want to be in the best stronghold in America  as we watch the liberal cities burn. Remember the Ozarks ain’t for everyone , but it is for us ! 


  1. Johnyrebb

    Awesome, my sentiments exactly!

  2. Glincoln

    The purpose of life is to struggle as hard as you can for what you believe in, and enjoy the struggle. George Lincoln Rockwell
    Interview with Ralph Ginzburg in Nazi Rockwell! A Portrait in Sound

  3. Kod

    Come home. Leave your burned and destroyed cities behind they’re lost and will never go back to the same cities they were.

  4. BobZ

    I’ll be moving to Ozarkia very soon! Shoulda a long time ago, but recognize that it’s ‘never too late!’ Very sick & tired of these infested areas of violent vermin=jews, nig nogs, etc.! 14 WORDS!!👍☠️😊

  5. Heartland Separatist.

    Maybe since the Northwest Front folded along with the idea of the Northwest American Republic composed of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon ( 2 of the 3 being psychotically liberals states) the idea of resettling in Ozarkia and not the Pacific Northwest is more rational. After all, I have not seen any cities being burned down by leftist mobs there unlike 2 of the 3 proposed states of the Northwest American Republic.

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