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Free ‘The Balk’ audiobook, Part 4.

Following the releases of free audiobook installments of the Introduction and Chapters One and Two of ‘The Balk’, written by Billy Roper and narrated by Nathan Walter, we now are able to announce the completion and release of the fourth installment, Chapter Three.

Listen here:


Join us!

If you would like to contribute to the author send cash or a check to… Billy Roper, PO Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560.

If you would like to donate crypto to this most righteous narrator, who is reading this entirely free of charge…

The Balk’ has been banned by three different publishers in the last two years because it describes the coming civil war and balkanization of America in a way that (((THEY))) don’t want you to hear. The Balk is hard-hitting nonfiction, and there is only one place where you can get a print copy for yourself, right here:

Debit and Credit Card orders accepted through Vinland Freedom Press.

Share to your white brothers and sisters far and wide.

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