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Join us for the Balk Right event of the year, in Florida!

October 9th-11th will be the Balk Right event of 2020 in sunny Florida, hosted by the United Skinhead Nation and welcoming the ShieldWall Network, PFR/WARskins, KKK, and allies for a weekend of speakers, music, food, fun, and camaraderie, as well as serious discussions of our allied plans moving forward into and after the election and the coming year. Speakers will include John Kopko of the United Skinhead Nation, Billy Roper of the ShieldWall Network, James Harvey of the KKK, and others. This will be a family friendly event with security present.

For more information on how you can apply to attend, e-mail or visit their website HERE.


  1. Confusicous

    Why the mugshot for Kopko?

    • shieldwallnetwork

      It was the only picture of him the correct size that we could find online. We had a great weekend together and our alliance and friendship is strong!

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