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“It’s going to be Hell no matter what.”

“A lot of people are just dying to have a civil war…”

The influential New York Times finally admits that both sides expect chaos, disorder, and potentially civil war following the election, regardless of who “wins”.

Read the full article here.

The Guardian also confirms that both major political parties are thinking the same thing.

While others may argue that American citizens are too apathetic, lazy, and cowardly to care enough about anything to fight for it any more, the fact is that the bovine majority don’t matter after November 3rd. As always, those who do not care enough to actively participate will be ruled by those who do. In fact, those who are not just dying to have a civil war will be the first casualties in one, as helpless victims to whichever active side they are closest to which sees them as an impediment. This is especially true for stupid White liberals who refuse to leave diverse urban areas, or who insist on virtue signaling for BLM. They will be turned on and raped and killed by the niggers they love so much, first.

It is true that some right wing Whites are nervously staring at the hunting season calendar and trying to think about football, as the last ethereal whiffs of normality dissipate from their clutches and they wish they did not have to admit that we in the Balk Right have been correct all along. They resent us momentarily in the same way that a lazy teenager resents their parent who wakes them up for school. “But I don’t WANNA quit watching NASCAR!” Very soon, though, they won’t be thinking of Bambi in the woods when they are loading their rifles, and when they can no longer find a good game on, or another case of beer, they will turn to us sullenly but surely.

The Washington Post argues that refusing to accept the results of a Presidential election is what made the last civil war inevitable, too. When did the liberal “counterculture” stop wanting to shake things up and instead began calling for peace and stability? When they got firmly entrenched into power.

Look who is censoring books, this time: left wing “academics”. Look what is being called domestic terrorism, this time: the views held by the Founding Fathers. A race formerly consigned to pawn shops and rag carts now control our news and entertainment media and central banking system. They definitely do NOT want a civil war, they want to maintain the status quo. Inertia isn’t just a good idea, it’s the law, Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, in fact, and it holds that a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Ninety years later, Jefferson wrote in the Declaration that “all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed”, their rights and duties be damned.

That is why, while we pray for war, we still prepare for a slow and grinding collapse, regardless of who is in the oval office, as a potentiality that is less direct in demanding a specific reaction on the one hand, but does buy more time for those who had dawdled in relocating to seedbed White ethnostate areas to move, and for the rest of us to expand and improve our preparation and training, on the other.

Every weekend in between now and the election we will be tidying up our networking, stores, and plans, ready for either way it goes. We suggest that you put aside the remote, let the deer be deer for a season, and do the same.


  1. Appalachia

    Wouldn’t hunting be a good survival trait to have, not to mention the free meat one would be able to stock up on?

  2. Most White Americans would be in favor of a White Republic in the future. But why employ in this article the nazi swastika, the symbol of a failed regime? Are you aware that this is a big turn off to normal White people with normal sensibilities? It doesn’t take much intellectual effort to undestand the WW2 was planned in advance by the Cryptocracy and it was planned that Germany would loose. By the winter of 1941, barely 6 months into Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union (its biggest trade partner and source of most of its crude oil) Hitler’s top industrialists and general told Hitler that the 2 front war was “unwinnable” (the quotes are available). The Eastern front if transposed onto the US would extend from Maine to Florida! Rather than flee the country, Hitler stayed on knowing the war was lost and sent millions of our best men to a certain death. In the end 55 million of our people of various nationalities were dead, killed by their fellow Europeans. If Hitler had never lived imagine how much better off we’d be now. Please stop the Nazi adulation. It will repel normal White people and YOU know that. How can you continue in this madness?

    • shieldwallnetwork

      Please see the first item quoted in the box at, and enjoy cucking for Trump. You’ve fallen quite a long ways since you has your Hymie Danglestein marionette, the jew puppet with the noose around his neck, outside the Israeli embassy. That probably didn’t appeal to normal White people with normal sensibilities. You and Trump can have them. We don’t want the lumpenvolk, we want leaders.

    • HamburgerToday

      The Third Reich didn’t fail. It was destroyed. And it took the industrial might of three national powers and internal traitors to accomplish this destruction. The simple fact is that normalizing the Swastika is important to White liberation in the same way that normalizing the ‘gay rainbow’ was important to gay liberation.

      White Nationalists are not coming to ordinary people. Ordinary people are coming to White Nationalists and will do so because White Nationalism/Racial Separatism offers hope. The Swastika Endures.

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