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We told you so. Now what?

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

The coming civil war and balkanization of America which we have been warning you about for years from the fringe is now the fodder for mainstream media articles and headlines on every platform. If you are reading this and only grudgingly realizing that things may not go on forever as they always have, you need to go ahead and act in the time you have left.

Prioritize need over want. Stop buying cigarettes and alcohol, and instead spend that money on your preps. Stop playing video games and watching Youtube, and start studying maps of your region. Not just highway maps, but topographical maps and demographic maps, as well.

Do not throw out the good while dreaming of the perfect. A war is fought with the army you have, not the one you wish you have. A half dozen close friends who are dedicated to the same mission and united in cause and purpose with a clear chain of command is preferable to a herd of fifty lone wolves, half of whom are only there for the party and couldn’t be trusted, or who have their own agendas to pursue when the time comes.

If you cannot get your hands on an AR 15 and magazines and ammunition, buy a shotgun and shells.

If you cannot find or afford pricey freeze dried camping and survival food, buy bags of rice and beans and discounted dented canned goods.

If you can’t locate or buy expensive water filtration systems, buy bottles of bleach.

If you have not already moved out of multiracial areas to more rural homogeneous White regions, map out your evacuation routes to safe zones with several contingencies and fallback plans in case roads are blocked or impassable, or your vehicle is rendered inoperable or stolen. Realize that you will be living as a refugee, with winter coming on, and the potentiality for failure of utilities such as the electric power grid, internet, cell service, and deliveries of groceries and gasoline and heating fuel. Understand that locals in seedbed White ethnostate areas might be reluctant to accept uninvited refugees from “off” who bring little with them except their hunger and desperation. What skills or resources do you have to offer a new ethnostate?

Have that hard talk with your family about what may happen, and what you may face in order to survive. Begin to toughen their minds and resolve for a complete change from the life they are used to, into survival mode. Assert your responsibility to protect them, regardless of their objections or complaints.

Above all, do as much as you can based on your own financial circumstances. If you have the money to move, move. If you have the money to prep, prep. Every day, think about what you will do, and when. Train. Practice. Rehearse. Network.

You still have time. But none of us knows how much. A month? Six months? Like life itself, we just can’t predict when it will end, and like falling, it’s not the drop that hurts, it’s that sudden stop at the end.


  1. jarrell

    Its coming fast regardless of feelings towards it.

  2. Volkhero

    Respect to all of those that take this advice seriously.
    Now is the time.

  3. Whitey

    At this point if you live in a shithole state , the best prep would be get the hell out of there . When the shtf , chimpouts will be endless .

  4. BobZ

    Great article, advice, & comments! Another pertinent aide I know is the fact that We need MORE White Brothers & Sisters Who are already in great White enclaves & heading into ethnostate communities to reach out & offer sincere help to Our Folks Who desire to relocate-even from far away-to ease their concerns of not winding up destituted & fearful of homelessness &/or fearful of being alone when they get there & islolated!
    I know from my own experiences how difficult it is not really knowing Folks personally to ‘attempt’ major moves as this! It IS real!☠️👍

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