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Who We Are.

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

This weekend, I had the opportunity to speak at the United Skinhead Nation national conference in Florida. That’s why there were no new posts on the website for the last few days. But, after covering over 3,500 miles, a trip and experience which I’ll comment on further in days to come, I’m back and happy to report that the event was a great success.

I was very honored to have been invited, and appreciative of the USN in making the trip possible as well. My speech, which lasted about 45 minutes with a 20 minute question and answer session following, was very well received by the gracious crowd, who represented White Nationalists from across the south and midwest, including several different states. The music and delicious buffet style meal that followed in the venue were wonderful, too. I particularly enjoyed meeting some people in person whom I had only known online before this past weekend, making new friends, and renewing old friendships. Thirty-four copies of the ShieldWall Network DVD were given out, along with all of the SWN business cards and stickers we had brought. We even had the SWN promo dvd playing on a laptop as people entered the conference, before the music started. There were no security breaches, no protests, no issues at all, the whole weekend through. Mr. John Kopko runs a tight ship.

In fact, SWN and USN forged a strong alliance this weekend, one which I believe will endure. That fact, and the subsequent discussions of whom we do and not consider our friends, lead us to the major topic of this article…”Who we are”, and perhaps more significantly, who we are not.

The ShieldWall Network is not a big tent alliance of anyone who can raise their right arm and say “White Power”. We are happy to ally with organizations with whom we are friends and share common cause, such as the United Skinhead Nation. However, our alliances with other organizations are constrained not only by personal loyalties, as we do not associate with those who are the enemies of our friends, but also by ideological and tactical priorities. The longer one has put in time in the movement, the more one comes to know the people in it. This includes their errors and their follies. At a certain point when new ones come on the scene you can begin to organize them by type. Some will mature and gain discipline, while others will remain incapable of discipline. It’s also a measure of time spent in the cause that friends come and go, but enemies tend to accumulate.

The need for discipline, heirarchy, and a chain of command is why there is the inner circle, the cadre which we call the ShieldWall Network Phalanx, within the SWN at large, of course. Those who aspire to that inner circle surmount a greater requirement of the previously mentioned virtues than the SWN membership at large.

Constitutionalists, libertarians, Civic Nationalists, and Strasserites do not get along well with our worldview for the new order which will emerge in the White ethnostate we intend to build after the balkanization. Neither do those who simply want to get drunk and party, or start a Fight Club, or lift weights or spray paint trees or commit deceleration by going out to BLM rallies and getting into fights with White CivNats and distract them from BLM and Antifa while blunting their radicalization process, or continually attack other people’s religious faith or lack thereof. Of course, we have room in the SWN for all faiths who are mutually respectful, and all varieties of National Socialist thought, from Neo-Feudalism and Monarchism to Technological Expansionism and old school Hitlerism.

Likewise, while misuse of alcohol is a liability, use of illegal drugs is even more so. We are not interested in debates over whether something is natural or not, if it is illegal, it is a liability. In fact, at this time there is no legitimate reason for anyone to be doing anything illegal. You endanger your comrades and yourself when you do, and that is not NS cool.

For the abovementioned reasons, we do not create a list of which organizations we are allied with, per se, or which we are not in the same lane as. If someone understands our position, they understand who we are interested in working with, and who we are not. As Hitler himself wrote, a strong man does not make himself stronger by tying himself to a cripple.

Who and what we are is White Nationalist preppers. What are we preparing for? The coming civil war and balkanization of America, and the rise of ethnostates in that vacuum. Personal fitness and martial arts skills and networking irl as well as online is important, in fact the SWN actively seeks to vett interested Whites and help them find like-minded persons in their areas for mutual support and assistance when the collapse begins. However, that means that our priority is to be prepping, training, and learning. Ideally, every SWN affiliate who is interested in becoming a founding citizen of our seedbed White ethnostate should seek to relocate as soon as possible not simply to a rural homogeneous White area as we have been saying for years, but specifically to Ozarkia, north central Arkansas, to be even more exact.

Those focusing on Fight Club, weightlifting, or beer drinking activities rather than actively prepping and making plans for The Balk do not share our priorities, and so there is no need or desire for any alliance with them, since they are not in our lane.

That being said, if it is recognized that they are not in the same lane as us, there is little cause or opportunity for us to run over one another, since we are not competing for the same kind of people.

More about the trip and the event later, but we hope that helps explain “Who We Are” for the new people who were unclear about our purpose and priorities.


  1. HamburgerToday

    Nicely said.

  2. BobZ

    Very truly well written, Billy, as always! I agree 150% your explanations of “Who We Are!”
    And as we are aware, things are, have been, & will continue to be escalating rapidly!! We know there are many, many Whites who want this, too, & know they need to take those steps toward balking, relocating, & joining Our Ranks!!👍☠️😊 14 WORDS. Teamwork!!

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