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Anti-Whites have declared immigrant friendly urban areas where they already have a foothold in controlling local political structures as “sanctuary cities”. They are places where nonWhite immigrants have moved in and gained enough influence in the communities to open the gates for more of their kindred by enacting policies which not only welcome, but openly recruit and attract them.

Those new immigrants, regardless of whether their reasons for migration are merely economic or not, are presented as refugees, fleeing inhumane hardships and even oppression and life-threatening chaos. In time, “sanctuary cities” even become “sanctuary states”, as happened with California. A sanctuary state is one which defies the national laws, policies, and interests of the federal government by refusing to enforce immigration and naturalization statutes, becoming de facto autonomous regions morphing into ethnostates dominated by a different ethnicity, language, and culture from that of the nation as a whole.

The violent crime statistics in regard to race are so well known as to have become cliche. Whites are exponentially more likely to be the victims of crimes committed against them by other races, especially by blacks, than they are to commit crimes against blacks. This is true for murder, rape, armed robbery, and assault, just to name a few unpleasantries. Many American cities have areas which are known “no go zones” for Whites, even during the daytime. To enter them risks death, for any European American. The urban governments and police forces are run of, by, and for nonWhites. Is anyone surprised that Whites seek to move out of them, for their families’ safety?

However, the danger is not just on a local level. The immigration policies of the United States, along with federal racial job mandates and set-asides, housing regulations, affirmative action hiring quotas, and other explicitly anti-White governmental programs in public education and the courts make it clear that what is being done to Whites qualifies as genocide according to the United Nations definition of the term, as much as what was done to Tibet by the Chinese does.

Jews may try to argue that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a forgery, but they cannot claim with any honesty that the book does not accurately represent exactly what Jews have done to gain and maintain control of White societies for their own interests, interests which are contrary to those of their hosts. Likewise, Anti-Whites may try to claim that “White Genocide” is a conspiracy theory, but they cannot claim with any honesty that the demographic replacement of Whites by nonWhites has not been happening, and is even now accelerating, as a direct result of their purposeful policies.

Those policies have already been enacted most thoroughly, and therefore the demographic replacement and numerical, political, and cultural genocide of Whites has become most prevalent and obvious, in multiracial (and in many cases already majority nonWhite) urban areas. These urban areas are not places where the founding people of this country can secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. To do that, they have to move out. Many of them have been seeing this and are doing so, already.

Ultimately, the goal of the ShieldWall Network is to help establish secure and permanent safe zones for our people. As the racially mixed urban areas become more and more violent and unstable, the rural homogeneous White areas will become natural places of refuge for European Americans. Ultimately, the former will devolve into evacuation zones and the latter into ethnostates. We are just being proactive in organizing White exodus from diversity ahead of the curve.

We in the SWN see our White kindred fleeing violent, diverse urban areas as refugees. We see our seedbed White ethnostate regions such as Ozarkia as safe havens for them. It is for this reason that we declare Ozarkia a White sanctuary region.

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