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“Are You a Racist?”

by Paul Jones

In the hearings of Oct. 14th for Amy Coney Barrett, the Republican Senator Kennedy of Louisiana asked her the pointed and rhetorical question, “Are you a racist?” This followed the grilling of Barrett by Kamala Harris, who apparently had insinuated this, among other matters, so Kennedy was trying to discredit her attack.

It’s pretty obvious she isn’t any kind of racist, since she and her husband adopted two black children from Haiti to go along with their naturally born ones. So it’s clear that by any current definition of the term that she is not one.

But is there another sense in which she is a racist, since she apparently has no concern at all for the ongoing white genocide which is going on in the United States and the entire Western World? From a global percentage for whites in the year 1900 of about 20%, the percentage has dropped to approximately 7%, and if only those of European descent less than 21 years of age is taken into account it must be no greater than 3-4% and moving steadily towards even a lesser percentage with each passing year.

Shouldn’t it be considered racist to ignore this ongoing reality? Shouldn’t a failure to acknowledge this and want to do something about it be a sign that no importance is given to the value of those of European descent and an ignorance or denial of the innumerable contributions to civilization made by our ancestors? For me this is the real racism.

I didn’t see the entire line of questioning by Kennedy, but I assume if the question of whether she denounces white supremacy or not had been asked Barrett would have obviously said that she does. But assuming this is the case, what kind of white supremacy is manifested by the aforementioned percentages of whites in the world? If there really were white supremacy, the percentage of whites in the world would have continued to increase from that 20% figure in 1900 to become even higher by the year 2020.

Maybe a better way to ask any question relating to white supremacy, which is ridiculous given the current state of affairs, would be whether one is in favor of the eventual disappearance of those of European descent from the face of the earth which would show, in the affirmative, an outright hatred and prejudice against whites.

This then brings up the matter of Civic Nationalism as it relates to race: Persons like Senator Kennedy, and all the commentators on Fox News as well, see as positive Amy Coney Barrett’s having adopted two black children from Haiti. In fact, this is seen by them as reinforcing her Civic Nationalist credentials. Since the United States is seen by them as a Proposition Nation, malleable over time regardless of whether any whites eventually live within its borders or not, Barrett for them is worthy of praise since she represents the new normal which they see as a way of saving this country from the Left and Identity Politics. If enough “conservative” whites would go along with the program and either adopt non-white children or encourage their sons and daughters to marry non-whites, especially blacks who have proven to be the minority group which is the biggest headache in moving towards a multi-racial society, then maybe we could continue to be the “shining citadel on the hill,” as Ronald Reagan described the country, and this Exceptional Nation would continue to be blessed by God because all the Christian Zionists, of all races and backgrounds, unequivocally support the “walking miracle” Jews and their state of Israel.

This is apparently the vision of the future for the Civic Nationalists, but it is a vision which is not only unrealistic, but immoral, because it assumes that God, in His infinite wisdom, somehow has it in for those of European descent and wants solely a mestizo and mulatto future in the U.S. and the rest of the world. In reality, the only ones who have it in for us are those like the departed, Jewish intellectual Susan Sontag, who believe that “The white race is the cancer of human history.” With only a few more percentage reduction of the number of those of European descent on planet earth, this “cancer” will have been for once and for all “excised.”

Let’s not be fooled by all of this. I believe the real plan of God is for white ethnostates to emerge from this total hodgepodge of a country so as to allow the survival of those of European descent, and we are the ones on God’s side as we work towards this end and are the real anti-racists trying to stop the ongoing white genocide.

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    Amen yet again, Paul! AMEN!!☠️😊👍😡👍

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