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SWN White Family Christmas Drive

It is that time of year again, for the annual ShieldWall Network White Family Christmas Drive. Each year, we select White families who are in economic need, focusing on those who have young children, and try to help give them a better Christmas, whether that be through helping pay a heating or electric bill, or a house payment or rent, with warm winter jackets, or just with presents for their kids. This year is no different, in fact more families may be struggling than usual due to layoffs, businesses closing, and the other economic injuries caused by the covid shutdowns. So, if the civil war does not call off Christmas, we ask once again that you nominate families whom you think could benefit from some help this year, bearing in mind that we will need a mailing address for them as well as the sexes and ages of their children, for presents. Send your nominations to us via e-mail to

If you are not in financial need this year, but would like to help us help our people and families who are, you can send donations to the program via check or money order made out to Billy Roper or left blank, or concealed cash, to PO Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560. We will be giving updates on the program as it moves forward towards the Holidays. Thank you, and God bless you.

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