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A Peaceful Separation

What if everybody just wanted to be left alone?

Irish-American Comedian Colin Quinn contemplates the divided States of America in a new book:

“Sometimes nations – like people – grow apart. Comedian Colin Quinn certainly thinks so. In his new book, he claims the United States needs a divorce. From sea to shining sea we’re exhausted with each other and increasingly we’re contemplating filing the separation papers, a decision that he fully supports…

“Hopefully,” he writes, “we will be able to find a way to compromise and go forward. Maybe you have forty states that are pro-choice and ten states that aren’t. Forty states that are pro-gun and ten states where you get life in prison for possession of a gun. Maybe we try that with a bunch of laws and see which ones turn out best. And if the country has to break up even after that, then we walk away with dignity. And whatever happens, we can always say, We used to be America.”

Obviously there is much more to the normie friendly “OverStated: A Coast To Coast Roast Of The Fifty States” than just a bantz fueled Cliff’s Notes version of ‘The Balk’. He’s a comedian, and as such he has to poke fun at every region and culture a bit for lulz. It’s the light tough that sells it: how the Puritanism of the northeast and the Hedonism of California paradoxically allied into the coastal Social Justice Cult, and how Rugged Individualism out west and Agrarian Capitalism down south allied into Conservatism.

There’s not much in the book about race as a factor, except indirectly:

“For an Irish American, Quinn is more sanguine about America’s colonist history than you might expect. Sure he admits the phrase “the new world” hits differently if for you and your native ancestors this was “the present world”…Sure, he writes, we can all sit here and curse ourselves and beg forgiveness or seek penance, but it happened the way it happened and nothing is going to change that now. So give up hope of writing a better past, he writes.”

The light comedic touch comes out again when Quinn seeks peace, without caring too much about reconciliation. In fact, what he advocates, through a Constitutional Convention or formal mutual agreement, is peaceful separation.

In the end, it’s still balkanization, so we would take it. You can read the full review of his book at Irish Central here.

He’s asking $15 for the Kindle edition and over $20 for the print book, so you might prefer to spend that on rice and beans for prepping, instead. You can get enough to feed your family for a week and just take my word for it that more and more mainstream people are now seeing that the coming breakup of America is not only inevitable, but a good and desirable thing, as well. At this stage they are just seeking a “we can still be friends” annulment of the Union.

To me, that’s kind of like as a kid your parents telling you that your dog just got ran over by a truck and died, but you can still keep it, but whatever.

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  1. BobZ

    Yes!! Great article yet again! Read Billy’s “The Balk,.” Great book,, advice, & detailed! In fact, read all his books! I’ve read all but a couple of his 17-18 books or so! 14 WORDS!!

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