Cover Our People With Love

The ‘Trick’ for a Happy Halloween!

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, the ShieldWall Network

I am very inspired and gratified to read and hear about the massive nationwide campaign being planned by ALL pro-White organizations and activists to distribute pro-White literature to each of their Halloween trick-or-treaters from Thursday through this coming weekend! Some of the ideas such as mini-fliers under candy wrappers and signs and posters along sidewalks in residential areas and handed out in non-social distanced crowds, are downright clever! Our children are our future, and reaching them with a positive racial message for Halloween will be a great treat they won’t soon forget!

Wear a covid mask or costume like everyone else. Blend in. Be pleasant and pass out sugary snacks. And, give some truth along with them.

Rather than lengthy crime statistic quotes, children will be warned that people who are not White are dangerous. Instead of drawn-out immigration arguments, they will be told that America was founded for them by their ancestors. The messages will be kept pithy and short and, like the candy accompanying them, sweet.

“Black people in your school? Now THAT is really scary!”

“Less than 1% die from covid.”

“Halloween Math: 13% do 52% of crime.”

“Jews Are The Real Vampires.”

“Afraid to play in the park or walk home alone? Whites are safer together!”

“Who wants to become a minority?”

“Around Blacks, Never Relax!”

“We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for White children.”

“White Lives Matter.”

If the coronavirus panic limits trick or treating in your area, look in your local newspaper and online for information on ‘trunk or treat’ and other community activities where you can volunteer and help out.

Too many spooks in your neighborhood this Halloween? Make the move to a seedbed White ethnostate area before you’re a ghost!

Join the thousands of White activists who are giving treats to all the White kiddies this week!

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  1. Skeeter

    Fire!!! Great idea! Happy Halloween and racial greetings comrades! White unity for white victory! The key three words of the fourteen word slogan, WE MUST SECURE! Must be taken the most serious! It’s crunch time and the white line is fading to the blind eye! It’s time to wake up!!!

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