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The Party’s Over

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

My first taste of politics was when I was twelve years old and got to shake President Ronald Reagan’s hand when he was running for re-election in 1984 and stopped by the Excelsior hotel in Little Rock. From an early age, I identified with the GOP. As an undergrad I was active in College Republicans. In fact, I worked on several campaigns, including Mike Huckabee’s failed Senate run in 1992.

In between now and then I came to realize, as many millions of White Americans are accepting this weekend, that noone is going to vote their way out of this. The Republican Party, long since relegated to the role of loyal opposition, is now just a gatekeeper, and the gate broke in Madison at 3:30 AM last Wednesday morning.

Netanyahu’s effusive congratulations and praise for Biden and Harris has boomers hurt and confused. After all, didn’t Trump hoopla the Jews occupying Jerusalem? Didn’t he give them billions and billions of dollars in direct military and economic aid? Didn’t he give all of his children to Jews?

Well, Biden gave all of his children to Jews, too, and Kamala married one, as well, making that two percent of the population 100% of the leading political families. The firehose of American tax dollars will continue uncrimped. The American military will still defend Greater Israel. Besides, the Jews have proven time and time again that no matter what anyone ever does for them, or to prove how racist they aren’t, it is never enough, and they will throw anyone under the bus at the first opportunity, traded in for the next shabbos goyim. You would think some Gentiles would take note of that before selling their soul to them, this time.

If Trump really wanted to, he has the power to have all of the incompetently obvious and widespread election fraud perpetrators in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania arrested. Instead, he does his usual loud bluffing about taking it to the court and lawsuits, and doesn’t use his real power or call on his tens of millions of armed CivNat supporters to take to the streets in protest. What this signals is that months ago, when we said that we would be able to tell just how thoroughly the Jews controlled the system based on whether or not Trump took a dive, we were right again. And Trump, not fighting for his office with anything more than bluster, is simply taking a melodramatic dive for the benefit of the audience.

It’s just as choreographed as a WWE match, and while normies may not be quite ready to see and accept that yet, what they do see and are pissed off about is their perception that Trump won the election, it was stolen from him by mass fraud, and, here is the big takeaway: the establishment and the electoral process is so corrupted and rotten that voting no longer matters. Talking to many of them over the last few days, yes, they’re finally getting it.

Between 2016 and 2020, five percent of White males who had voted for Trump opted out of the process because they understood that the fix was in and, like me when I was a little kid and my dad took me to a live wrestling match, they saw the smashed blood capsules laying around the ring apron when it was all over. It was the only demographic Trump had declining percentages in election to election, in fact, for that reason. After this clown show, we’re seeing nearly a majority saying that the system is irreparably broken and that the Republic will fall.

If it has not fallen in the next four years, as it very well may due to hyperinflation and economic collapse or in reaction to President Harris’s mandated red flag laws and assault rifle bans and hate speech laws and reparations packages financed through higher taxes, a slice of them will sidle back to the polls for Pence/Cotton in 2024. But they will do it reluctantly, as an act of desperation clinging to the dead dream of ‘Murica long past the time when they’re violating necrophilia taboos. And a large number of them are done with the GOP forever after this, after Trump concedes without a real fight, after so many Republicans acted like Roman Senators did to Julius Caesar, daggering Donald with denials that voter fraud had happened and challenging him to provide hard proof (ahem Christie, Huckabee, McConnell). They will be graduating from Civic Nationalism to the Balk Right.

Look for them to drop out of mainstream politics. You will be able to measure this by a much smaller White male voter turnout in the 2022 mid-term elections, it will be quantifiable by then, because they will have already moved out of the cities and to rural White areas, where they are buying property now, and stopped worrying about the demographic death of the Republican Party. They will be Balk Right, and in our sphere of influence, they will be ShieldWall.

Hail the Fall.


  1. RONA Renegade

    The reason that one of the most undistinguished Senators and borderline incompetents in U.S. history is close to being President is the same reason that The United States has been paying 100s of billions to protect a walled off ethno state for jews in the Middle East for over 70 years……. corruption within the Democratic party.

    Jake Arvey said long ago that what the Chicago Democratic machine was able to do from Chicago in Truman’s day they would do in the rest of the country……vote early, vote often is their motto, and that’s what happened in the night earlier this week from Milwaukee to Philadelphia.

    The descendants of the same jew racketeers that had their flunky Truman stick the U.S. with israel just went for the price on Biden…..what they get in return is an already proven pre-corrupted israel first stooge who has always plays ball.

    Trump just played ball for 4 years, the globalist jews who run important aspects of the U.S. are not afraid of Trump at all, what they are fearful of his supporters…. a Biden win cuts the legs off Trumps base….that’s what this midnight run for Biden was really about.

    Gangster globalists openly demonstrating their political power and ability to shape Presidential elections and thus foreign policy to recalcitrant Whites in the U.S. should not be a surprise, see Obama or the U.S. military unnecessarily conducting jew designed wars across the Middle East and Africa for decades…….these things happen in israel first security states which is exactly what the former Republic of The United States has been thanks since the Truman administration thanks to Jake Arvey and his racketeers from Chicago.

    Btw thanks Billy, you’re the best……my current view is the Epstein protection rackets front boss Trump just got handed an early retirement by his partners and may not go quietly, but he’ll go….no real loss, and like the old timers say ” there’s gonna by a time and a place” …..right now it looks like the that time is drawing nearer with the defunding of police depts across the country and Kamala Harris poised to oversee Federal law enforcement.

  2. sirlancelot

    This election is still very much in play. The forces of evil would very much like you to roll over and die.

    As the president stated he’s not a politician , he’s a businessman and this is how you do business.

    Use the legal system ,drag it out just like idiot demo-rats been doing for 4 years. There might be a handful of morons that think this late-night debauchery was a good idea.

    But any sane person realizes this will have a terminal effect on the country. Drag this evil out into the light for all to see.

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