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A Dark Winter is Coming

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

Winter is coming again, but this seasonal cycle around it will be a Winter of discontent, and as the apparent President-Elect tells us, a dark one. A second wave is expected, and I’m not talking about the Corona virus, although we can get ready for a mandatory national mask rule and strict martial law, err, I mean a rigid covid lockdown for a month or two or three. This will recripple the economy, make tens of millions more dependent on the government as socialists want, and set up a hyperinflation perfect storm. No, what we mean is that normie conservatives and Trump supporters will experience a second wave of radicalization that will push millions of them, especially the White males who dropped off the electoral lever-pulling train by 5% from 2016 to 2020, towards the Balk Right.

The first wave, a week ago, was when what they perceive as massive, organized, and endemic voter fraud representing deep swamp institutional loxism stole the national Presidential election from their icon in extremely overt and obvious acts that were more demonstrations of chutzpah than of subtlety. That’s not because the Democrats intended to be that in-your-face with the fraud as a dare, or a humiliating demonstration that Republicans lacked the ability or the will to actually do anything about it except complain; nothing so malevolent or grandiose, it was simply the unintended effect of relying on female orcs to do their dirty work. Using room temperature IQ lower primates to trash ballots and fill out and deliver fake ones when they can’t shoplift or pass fake twenties or loot and burn without grandstanding had the expected consequences. They got caught. All over. The controlled media covered for them and denied that it happened. George Floyd got to vote, heck, so did Trayvon, multiple times, early and often.

So, CivNats turned a corner with their hatred and resentment of the establishment as a whole, and after months and even years of Trump warming them up with his talk of the fake news and the observable bias displayed against him in the media, then his warnings of an unfair election due to fraud and mail in ballots and voting machines being hacked, they were ready to lose faith in the electoral process as much as the news that reported on it.

That alone would have been enough to increase the 5% White male voter dropout proportion by double, as we will see in quantifiable terms at the 2022 midterm, unless civil war and hyperinflation makes this election our last one. But then, the second wave loomed. Trump and his supporters began talking about lawsuits, federal and state court cases, and using the judicial branch to get recounts and overturn the preemptive coronation of Biden as President-Elect. That’s their focus, at the moment.

Many of them are in the denial stage of grief and adamant that there will be a second Trump term through the legal system. Republican state legislators appointing alternate electors. The Supreme Court deciding in Donald’s favor thanks to his last minute pick. They won’t reach the acceptance level, if they do at all, until January 20th. Then, three-quarters of them will cuck and grumble and refocus on whether to vote for Trump again or Pence and Cotton in 2024. But a good sized minority, maybe another ten percent of White males, will get the picture, on the late freight. They will stop being CivNats, and will thenceforth be Balk Right accelerationists, because that is what happens when reasonable and rational people finally accept reality. Those of them within our sphere of influence ideologically or geographically will of course become networked with the ShieldWall, and the exodus of Whites to rural homogeneous seedbed ethnostate areas will only accelerate under the new administration’s leftist, anti-White rule. They are moving, they are prepping, they are coming together, and they are getting ready for what is on the way.

Our people want nothing more or less than peaceful separation, if those who hate us will allow that. Our purpose, in the ShieldWall Network, is to establish a sanctuary for Ethnic European refugees seeking safe haven from the violent anti-White hatred which makes enforced diversity existentially unbearable for us, and robs all peoples of the ability to control their own independent destinies as a people, something which should be a fundamental right for all.

In the meantime, before the electoral college votes, those wishing to provide grief counseling assistance to CivNats bereft over the election can remind them that Netanyahu was very quick to congratulate Biden and applaud his lifetime of friendship to Israel, stabbing Trump in the back and proving that those people cannot be trusted, no matter what anyone does for them. Trump responded by unfollowing Netanyahu and then unfollowing AIPAC, the American Israeli Political Action Committee, the largest and most powerful foreign lobbying organization in Washington D.C.. If they are true supporters of President Trump, they also should unfollow AIPAC and Netanyahu and those people who betrayed Trump, and never trust them again. Those people control the deep state swamp, those people control the media that have always hated Trump, those people control both political parties, those people control the entire government and the establishment, those people are the 1%er billionaire elite, those people married every single one of Joe Biden’s kids, and one of those people married Kamala Harris, too. Those people did this to Trump. Those people are the enemy. Those people want us to keep voting while we die.

Those people are the problem.

A dark Winter is coming. Time to get cold on those people.

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  1. Glincoln

    On point and well said as usual…I just don’t see how they’re something like 2 percent of the population. They’re everywhere: media judges ceos doctors lawyers jewelers govt jobs. I like those big black poLICE chiefs though, they the shiz.

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