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If President Biden is able to ban one book, it will be this one.

Several publishers have have already censored a book that contains no pornography, no racial slurs, no graphic violence, and nothing illegal. In fact, it does not slander or libel anyone. It does something much more dangerous and frightening, as far as the establishment is concerned. It predicts their downfall.

‘The Balk’ is a nonfiction book full of statistical data, facts, figures, and research analyses which reaches the stunning conclusion that multiracial democracy has failed, and the United States of America is doomed to break up into smaller, more homogeneous nations.

Furthermore, it offers practical advice about how YOU can prepare financially, psychologically, physically, and geographically for the inevitable balkanization of America. Following the advice in ‘The Balk’ will give you and your family a better, safer, healthier life, and put you in a more favorable position to weather the storms of civil unrest and economic collapse which are now inevitable.

There is only ONE place where you can still get a print copy of ‘The Balk’, offered by Vinland Freedom Press in a move which puts Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Lulu, and other book distributors which did carry ‘The Balk’ but now consider it too controversial to sell, to shame for their cowardice.

The Biden/Harris administration, if they are able, would love to enact hate speech laws and censor pro-White books, especially nonfiction works which offer practical and effective advice to our people and pronounce the great multiracial empire dead. Certainly ‘The Balk’ would be at the top of their list of banned books.

Order your copy now, before January 20th. Act now to receive a copy or two as wonderful Christmas gifts for anyone whom you care enough about to want to see survive what is coming.

Click here for information on how to order.

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  1. Glincoln

    Ordered it…I remember ordering books by Rush Limbaugh and Michael Weiner Savage years ago. I guess I’ve grown up.

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