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The Establishment hopes that White American’s anger over the election can be mollified and diluted over time by focusing on the two Georgia Senate seats while they get used to the idea that Biden’s coronation won’t be blocked by any judicial wrangling. For those who don’t jump at the word “squirrel”, a percentage will lose faith first in the electoral process, then in the judicial process, two strikes against the establishment itself. The third strike against the Civic Nationalist’s faith system will come when the Republicans retain control over the Senate yet still compromise and slide left to go along with the Democrats on much of their legislative agenda. In essence that will be the final branch of government to have failed them.

We in the ShieldWall Network anticipate that the leftist executive orders and revolutionary socialist bills to follow will push even more of them into The Balk Right. The left is worried about whether or not they will stay calm enough to vent at the mid-terms in 2022.

“Biden will be faced with a country in which 75% of the more than 70 million who voted for Trump are left believing that the election was stolen from their beloved leader by a ‘deep state coup’, ‘liberal media plot’ or whatever.

With such a level of misguided and imagined grievance percolating in cities and towns across the country, it is reasonable to conclude that America is perched on a box of dynamite…”

“A recent poll found that nearly three-thirds of Americans described themselves as concerned or very concerned about post-election violence.”

…”Most civil war or inter-group conflicts are fuelled by fears that one group poses an existential threat to the other. But, more importantly, as noted by social psychologists at the University of Massachusetts, “existential threat is a perceptual phenomenon”, meaning that the threat only has to be perceived or imagined for someone to experience a sense of existential threat.

The longer Trump drags the country through the muck and mire, convincing millions more that his defeat represents an attack against America and therefore Americans themselves, the greater the number his supporters will radicalise (sic) into violence – an expectation built on the premise that all terrorist ideologies are rooted in out-group targeted grievance.”

Obviously, as SWN Coordinator Billy Roper has said, Whites in post-America don’t have to be census experts or study demographic trends to understand full well that the threats against America’s founding people are indeed existential. Literally, our very existence hangs in the balance, and our percentage declines with every passing day. They perceive this phenomenon when they wake up in the morning hearing rap blasting from the house next door where the new black neighbors have moved in, and when they fight traffic through other miserable gridlocked wage slaves to get to work, only to have to demean themselves all day so a third of their earnings can be taken to support their replacement populations. White Americans don’t need a college professor to tell them whether or not the threats against their very continued existence are perceived or real. They know, even those who deny being racist, what parts of town are safe and which interstate offramps to not go down, and they know why.

Through the distractions of the election fraud and the runoffs for the Senate and the transition to the new administration, we have a duty to our people to stay focused on task. Despite the corona virus lockdowns and the mandatory vaccine tyranny on the way, our mission remains the same, to give our people hope. Hope that there are still places that are overwhelmingly White and beautiful and clean and less expensive and much, much safer. Hope that they can have a calmer, more peaceful and fulfilling life in seedbed White ethnostate areas than ever thought could still exist. Hope in a place called OZ, short for Ozarkia.

As more families buy land from a half acre to 20 acres or more in north-central Arkansas, and others simply buy inexpensive houses and lots, we have the beginnings of a real community of like-minded friends in a relatively compact area. And, we are regularly surprised, pleasantly, with how many of our neighbors already here agree with us on all of the important things that really matter.

So many of our fellow Whites from violent, polluted, diverse areas are coming home to OZ that some of the cheaper land parcels and homes are being snatched up as soon as they go on the real estate market. We will be honest, there is a steady flow of White flight refugees arriving, and that demand will naturally drive up the still relatively low home costs now enjoyed in northern Arkansas. We also will admit that along with a lower cost of living, rural White areas have fewer factory jobs and wages are lower than they are in cities. But we believe that the trade-off is worth it.

We urge our people caught behind enemy lines to sell their homes if they can and use that equity to come home to OZ. We urge those who are not homeowners to be thankful that moving and finding a place to rent is even easier for you, with fewer encumbrances. If you are unsure about taking that plunge, we encourage you to come for a visit, honestly compare it to where you are now in every measure that matters, and start looking for your place in OZ.

You can read the rest of the polemic italicized above by CJ (((Werleman))) here. But your time might be better spent looking at north central Arkansas real estate listings, now, before your dream home or your fantasy getaway bugout location in the mountains gets snatched up by someone else.

So, don’t be distracted by either of the controlled political parties yelling “Squirrel”. Check out a place where the squirrels are more plentiful than cars, there are more cows than people, and the people still look and act like human beings. Check out OZ.

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