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Say When

by Billy Roper

ShieldWall Network Coordinator

Over much of America, a pall of dread hangs heavy, grimly overshadowing the covid-lockdown (just the tip martial law) outlawed holiday season. Those who care about esoteric concepts such as the second amendment or the first amendment are not looking forward to the new year with tingling anticipation.

The presumptive Biden administration is using the time Republicans are spending distracting and running the clock out on their base by clamoring about Georgia Senate races to put together a radical leftist executive cabinet filled with literal Marxists who are ideologically anti-White. They hope that by the time January 20th rolls around, conservatives will have taken a knee, put on their masks like good little cucks, and begun muttering about getting electoral revenge in the mid-terms.

In fact, the country may not survive that long.

Some things are on the establishment’s side: A. They can throw out a second round of stimulus checks to mollify the plebes. B. Conservatives by nature are law and order types who are reluctant to fight back. C. Controlling both major political parties, the media, entertainment, public education, all three branches of government, and the banking system helps.

However, the 1% elite who are our ultimate “final boss” enemy have to get it right EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Each time a foreign government has the capability to carry out an EMP attack with just a couple of high altitude nuclear bursts that would take most of the continent back to the 19th century, they have to be successfully bought off with taxpayer funded bribes or invaded and interdicted or pacified through assassinations and coups. Each time hyperbudgetary spending of digital fiat currency threatens to slide into inflationary danger zones that would get the dollar removed as the internationally accepted petro backer, central banks have to make deals to buy more time under the ‘full faith and credit’. Each time black riots break out and spread from city to city, they have to be pulled short before too many Kyles fight back at the edge of the suburbs. Every corrupted and blackmailed and bought out politician who is used up and thrown away by the controlled opposition machine has to agree to retire quietly instead of using their last meeting with their superiors to go out with a bang. Human nature is a hard to predict current, with mysterious tides.

Personal egos and emotions can overwhelm their programming and even their enlightened self interests. It’s happened at least 109 times before, remember. The establishment elites have been kicked out of every European country they once held power and influence in, over and over. They are not omniscient or omnipotent. Their chutzpah gets in the way.

They have to make no mistakes, and get it right every single time.

They only have to miscalculate once.

And now, just as 5% of the White male population got wise to their game between 2016 and 2020, this election drama has more than doubled that, with more to come once the first 100 days of Biden’s executive orders start hitting home.

Nearly 3 out of 4 Republicans believe that Biden only won the election through massive and systemic fraud. Twelve percent of the US population, according to surveys, believe that Trump should not concede, no matter what the vote total is. Twenty-five percent of Republican voters. That’s eighteen million people. Quite a few chances for one single thing to not go as the establishment wishes.

The most likely scenario for the balkanization and breakup of America continues to be an economic collapse. However, with so many other variables out there, I would not want to be in the shoes of the elite. When we see them start to make Aliyah in large numbers, that will be our canary in the coal mine.

Millions of us are ready. Heck, we’ve been ready.

Say When.

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  1. M.F.

    This little 150 acre piece of western Tennessee is prepared and watches carefully.
    Good luck, brothers and sisters.
    Thanks for what you do, Mr. Roper.

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