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Head in the Clouds White Persons

by Paul Jones

In looking over voting results for different states, it becomes clear that in the case of states like Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Vermont that there were high percentages of whites who voted for Biden-Harris, whereas in states that have sizeable black populations, particularly in the South, whites there voted mostly for Trump-Pence.

What is in the minds of such persons who appear to be oblivious or attach little importance to the disastrous demographic trends for whites which are taking place in the United States?
A cousin of mine, living in California where whites are in the minority, probably typifies such persons. Having picked up a History degree from U.C.L.A. when he was younger in the late 1960’s, he has become deracinated by years of Z.O.G. cultural brainwashing in one form or another so that he believes that “There’s only one race, the human race,” or that “Race is a social construct.” This is combined with a heavy dose of guilt for all the “evils” that his ancestors have supposedly committed in the past and so he looks favorably on the Black Lives Matter movement or even reparations for slavery. He probably even goes along with the statement of the departed Jewess intellectual, Susan Sontag, “The white race is the cancer of human history.”

Despite having known a grandfather on his mother’s side from South Carolina who was a die- hard segregationist and believed in the separation of the races, he swept aside such an influence quickly while growing up in Southern California and absorbed like a sponge all the indoctrination fed to him by the mostly Leftist professors at the university he attended.

The entire education system is meant to be one ongoing brainwashing operation, from pre-school to university, but the biggest culprit of all in deracinating those of European descent has been the college and university system. While most young people can hold on to the values of their parents if they don’t pursue education beyond high school, if they get a degree while their parents have never gone on to higher education then they can begin to see their fathers as an Archie Bunker type, as “meathead” did with his factory worker, father-in-law in Norman Lear’s “All in the Family” comedy series from the 1960’s. The college educated son-in-law was condescending and had an air of intellectual superiority towards Archie, who in reality was wiser to the ways of the world and had much more horse sense in the final analysis.

For me, the likely victory of Biden-Harris in the recent presidential election of 2020 was determined by this supposedly “educated” portion of the white population, those who were exposed to all the false propaganda like I and so many succeeding generations have been exposed to, an education which made us guilt ridden and deracinated. So in 2020, even with the demographic evidence right before their eyes, a high percentage of college and university educated whites who had made it to the “respectable” middle class, living in mostly white suburbs, failed to racially identify as fellow whites with their lower and lower-middle class brethren, and so now it looks like the result is going to be four years of Hell under a Leftist Biden-Harris administration, with the flood gates of non-white immigration to be opened so as to accelerate the already disastrous demographic trends which had been taking place under Trump-Pence. This will mean that we definitely won’t be able to “vote our way out of this mess” in the future, and so with a national solution out of the question the only option left is going to be the formation of white ethnostates. This being the case, it’s inevitable that more and more whites will see what is coming, and maybe even more of our upper-middle class brethren will see such a necessity and start to provide funds and resources for organizations which are planning for such an inevitability. As the title of the book by Jared Taylor puts it, we’re “A Race Against Time” at this point.


  1. RONA Renegade

    Doubtful many of the upper class Whites in the U.S. are going to be doing much more than they’ve done in the past, well to do boomers will remain loyal to their favorite President for the next 4 years eagerly awaiting his next Tweet from either Mar a Lago or Sing Sing, or they’ll be looking to escape from the U.S. altogether and in that regard i can’t say i blame them, for many it’s not a really a tough choice between 4 years of Federally enforced multicult hell and taxes with the likely incoming Biden Harris administration or Australia or Panama at this point.

    Unfortunately there is a development on the horizon that should be alarming to those Whites who will remain. Now that the globalists have selected their President, there are reports that Chicagos own Merrick Garland is the front runner for U.S. Attorney General.

    Garland remained on the DC circuit after his Obama era SCOTUS nomination was long delayed by Republicans in Congress…. as a matter of retribution the Democrats who have ” fixed” U.S. elections since Trumans day are tabling one of their own for Attorney General.
    Merrick Garland like so many from the corrupt Chicago crowd that saddled the U.S. with the bills for israel these past 70 years, is descended from the Pale of Settlement in Russia.

    Merrick Garlands experience prosecuting high profile terrorism cases from the OKC bombers, to Ted Kaczynski and the Atlanta Olympics bombing mess will certainly come in handy given the inevitable escalation of calls from the Left to dismantle systemic racism, intensify Federal hate crime counts and RICO charges for assembly and end domestic terrorism with the ultimate goal of eliminating Whites in the U.S. from poltical power……those policies will be at the forefront of any Biden/Harris cabal.

    Garland’s pedigree in this area is unmatched, his wife’s grandfather NY Supreme Court justice Samuel Rosenbaum was a prominent speechwriter for both FDR and Truman, who in his spare time oversaw the war crimes trials of the German Army from FDRs White House.

    As far as a race against time goes, the deadly race begun by the race of proven racketeers that came from Russia to live with Ourselves and Our posterity in the last century seems well on it’s way a finishing line that once it is crossed insures there will not be another 100 years together…….they know that btw, Penny Pritzker referred to her 2016 globalist gift from Davos of tax free entry and 10 year visas to the USA for everyone in China during the Obama administration as ” sprinting to the wire”.

  2. sirlancelot

    ” The likely victory of Biden Harris ” ?

    What do you think happened in 2016 ?

    The globalist got caught off guard , didn’t realize white people were tired of the shit being cramming down their throats and elected President Trump.

    Did all all that’s support suddenly disappear on election night 2020 ?

    Massive rallies , historic Republican support from blacks and Hispanics, massive leads well into the evening for the presidential race . . . . .

    Then at midnight polls just shut down , truckloads of ballots start showing up . . .
    dawn breaks and Shazam !!!

    Biden’s in the lead. Did some stupid white people vote for Biden ? Sure they did, that’s what morons do .

    Did Biden “win” the election ? Of course he didn’t. As white men we must rise up against this evil, stand with the president or Republic is lost.

    Our forefathers feared this day. It’s why they wrote the Constitution.

    These wise men gave us a gift.
    A new country to live as free men.

    They sacrificed a lot just as the President has.

    They understood what it is to be a man , a free man.

  3. RONA Renegade

    The globalists were not caught off guard in 2016, it was child’s play to channel palpable White anger at Obama toward a former Soros business partner and rabid israeli firster who promised border security.

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