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11/20 SWN Meeting Report

A special ‘thank you’ to everyone who came out yesterday for the ShieldWall Network work day and potluck dinner meeting! (Especially those who traveled from out of state.)

Truckloads of deliveries of nonperishable food and other group prepping supplies were received, inventoried, and are now in storage, a lot of progress was made on the clearing of the land for future on site SWN group construction, and we enjoyed camaraderie and fellowship with new friends as well as longtime members. Some of them looked at real estate and houses and closed on deals to prepare to move to Ozarkia, and others got their first taste of God’s country.

No masks were required nor were any social distancing rules in place.

There were door prizes, discussions of future events and meetings over the winter, and assignments for the next meeting’s seminar topics, as well as collections of gifts for the families benefiting from the SWN White Family Christmas Drive annual charity, which will be delivered and mailed next week.

We had an opportunity to share our observations on the state of our people, their feelings and attitudes post election, and plan our best strategies to further our mission of building the foundation of a seedbed White ethnostate and facilitating White refugee flight to our region.

Abundant food and friendly faces reminded us that in the difficult times to come, we may look back on these as the days of comfort and ease, but those times to come will be ones of great opportunity for our people.

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