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Unlocking down the Holiday Season

by Jane

Regardless of one’s political affiliations, most will agree that these are unprecedented times we face. Covid restrictions continue to tighten as we enter the holiday season, a time deeply rooted in tradition and celebrating with family. It is undeniable that traditional family values are being attacked. Not only is our government trying to disband holiday celebrations, our activity and movement is being limited overall. Many people have been subjected to their homes, quite often turning to the internet for some sense of solace and community. While this can have many benefits in promoting racial awareness and unity, no one is immune to the propaganda we face on all fronts. The mainstream media and kosher supremacy we are up against seek to demoralize us in every imaginable way. We cannot allow this to happen at such an important moment in our history.

As the saying goes, “it’s the little things in life that mean the most.” It is important to continue preparing for what is to come, but we must also take the time to celebrate and enjoy the traditions we have built over the years. As families continue to become more estranged due to divisive rhetoric and the limiting of our movements thanks to government lockdowns, we must use this time to come together and celebrate our traditions in the face of the rising beast. Not only must we embrace our time with blood family as openly as possible, we must come together as a collective and celebrate who we are as a people. A great man once said to me, “we will triumph,” and this is what I will be celebrating during our time of gratitude and family this holiday season.

Thanksgiving is upon us and many states have implemented stricter lockdowns, mask mandates and curfews to, apparently, prevent the spread of the virus. Many of us will be uninvited to family gatherings or see plans with loved ones cancelled. Many of us will witness divisions among relationships. Do not be discouraged, do not fall for their campaigns of demoralization. Use this time to lift our brothers and sisters up. Open your doors to each other to promote and celebrate racial unity as well as our longstanding traditions. We must celebrate our holidays in the face of adversity and we must do it together. Now, more than ever, we need to be prepared and we need to do so on a united front. 

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