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Transcript of Billy Roper speech at SwampFest 2020

The following is the partial transcript of a speech given in October of this year at the United Skinhead Nation sponsored Swampfest event in Florida, by ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper. Much of his talk focused on the coming balkanization of America and the resultant need for prepping and survivalism planning, as did the question and answer session which followed, but this portion of his speech was the emotional high point:

“…Usually, when someone like me gets in front of a crowd of friends and is given a chance to speechify, they want to try to sell you something or tell you all about themselves, and what they’ve done. Now, I believe I have reason to be proud of the ShieldWall Network and my friends in it, but today, I want to talk to you about not me, but you. So, let’s talk about you, and who you are.

You are the descendants of stone aged warriors who thousands of years ago had a race war with the Neanderthal and instead of being bred out by them you didn’t hold hands and sing Kumbaya, you wiped them out. Their extinction all these generations later is remembered in epic poems like Beowulf and in the myths as trolls.

You are the descendants of both the Roman legionairres who put their mark on the world forever through language and our legal system and government, and the proud Germanic and Scottish tribesmen who stopped them cold in Northern Europe.

You are the descendants of the Angle and Saxon, and the Dane and the Norseman, and then the Normans, who fought layer upon layer with one another to create the British Isles. Celt and Viking, invader and defender, their blood flows in most of us today,joined together.

You are the sons of the men who stopped the dirty brown Muslims invading our European fatherland from the west at Tours and from the east at Vienna, and the sons of those European heroes who took the fight right back at them during the Crusades.

Your blood flowed to make the ground sopping wet in places like Lexington, and Gettysburg, and Stalingrad. And every time you took more of them with you when you fell.

You are the sons of the men who made the wheel, and metal, and the alphabet, and the engine, and the airplane, and who walked on the moon. Your blood alone creates civilizations.

Now, you are all here men who know that a great reckoning is coming. You know it will be a fight that will decide the future of our race, really, whether we live or die as a people. Because you are here, you are men who know that this time it is them, or us. This time it’s for all the marbles. You are men who know that this time the winner inherits the earth, and the losers will only inherit however much it takes to bury them.

You are men who know that none of us individually matter, but collectively, it is our blood that must and will survive. And you know that we will win. How do I know that about you?

Because I see it in your eyes. You are men who have not forgotten that we are Aryans. We are conquerors. We have always been conquerors, anywhere in the world we have ever decided to go, anywhere we have ever put down our boot has been ours, because we are Aryans, that’s what you are. You are conquerors.

You are wolves, not sheep. Society has tried to tame you into being domesticated, into being lapdogs, but inside you are still wolves, and the time to be wolves again is coming, the wolf age is near.

And now let me to close by telling you one thing you need to know about our enemies. They know who we are too. They know that we are their masters, we are their final judges and executioners. They know that we are the conquerors. And what they fear more than anything else in the world, is for us to start acting like it once again.

Let’s give them what they’re most afraid of. Let’s be conquerors again. It’s who we are.

Hail Victory!”


  1. Robert Wolfe III

    That was beautiful and badass at the same time…

  2. Brian

    Sir that sent chills down my spine. Incredible and inspirational.

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