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A Clarion Call to Our Awakening

by Paul Jones

I recently finished a book I ordered from The Barnes Review, “The War Against Whites” by Arthur Kemp, and was impressed by how hard hitting and accurate its arguments are. Kemp is a Rhodesian born political activist and author of several books, including “March of the Titans: A History of the White Race.” It is definitely a clarion call to take action in these “interesting times” so as to prevent our demise as a people.

Rather than start from the beginning, I’d rather take the message from the last few chapters and then highlight earlier facts and observations in order to try to show what this important book is about: First and foremost, “…multiracial societies as they currently exist in Western nations are doomed to strife, conflict and ultimate collapse.” (p. 269) “The time has come to acknowledge that these (racial) differences cannot be accommodated within one political system and within one geographical area.” (p. 270) “…whites should be aware that their enemies seek their total extermination, and are not reasonable people of goodwill.” As a result, “Whites should be taking active steps to consolidate their numbers in certain defined geographical areas in which they can be the majority. This might very well lead to the breakup of the current United States of America, but perhaps this is an inevitable consequence.” (p. 274)

What is the “gut issue” which causes the author to see these necessary actions? It is the simple fact that, as he mentions at different points, the average I.Q. of blacks in America (really mulattos with about 23% white heredity) is 85, that of Hispanics (mainly mestizos and mulattos)  89, whereas the average for whites is 101. So essentially the Martin Luther King, Jr. wish that people “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” is impossible under such circumstances if similar achievement levels for all ethnic groups is the goal.

The result is that to move towards equality of results rather than equality of opportunity, a “level playing field” does not lead to this, but there needs to be an increasing amount of anti-white policies. Naturally, these are cloaked with euphemisms like “Affirmative Action,” “Diversity Hiring” and other such terms, but all of them mean that whites must go to “the end of the line” more and more. “The entire concept that nonwhites need to be pushed ahead of whites in jobs and social status, is in fact a liberal admission that nonwhites cannot achieve these positions by themselves, and need to be ‘helped’ up the ladder.” (p. 230) As Kent further points out, “The present-day liberal democracies in the West are institutionally racist-that is they are systematically racist against white people.” (p. 252)

There are also various chapters dealing with the causes of high level of criminality of blacks, with the root cause having to do with heredity, not environment, unlike the false narrative set out by Leftist media and educational institutions.

The author concludes by stating that “The only thing that is required to ensure the survival of European civilization and white people is willpower.” (p. 275) We are getting more and more “pushed against the wall” with these current anti-white policies, and I believe we are not far from seeing enough of a reaction by our people so that we can finally gain traction to effectively push back against the Jewish Power Structure that is enabling all of this.

You can order the book here.

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  1. Glincoln

    Talk of world peace is heard today only among the white peoples, and not among the much more numerous coloured races. This is a perilous state of affairs. When individual thinkers and idealists talk of peace, as they have done since time immemorial, the effect is negligible. But when whole peoples become pacifistic it is a symptom of senility. Strong and unspent races are not pacifistic. To adopt such a position is to abandon the future, for the pacifist ideal is a terminal condition that is contrary to the basic facts of existence. As long as man continues to evolve, there will be wars…
    Oswald Spengler

  2. sirlancelot

    There is a systematic agenda at play trying to obliterate the white race or white people as a whole.

    The ludicrous dumping of africans and middle-eastern savages across Europe and Scandinavia is telling.

    Glaring examples like the town of Lewiston Maine being overrun with Somalians and the mayor of saying please stop sending these people we don’t have the infrastructure to support them.

    And of course the usual suspects howling “racism”. Doesn’t take much investigating to find out who’s behind this evil plot.

    It’s always (((them))) . . . . . every single time.

    Steve Bannon said recently let them call you a “racist”. The sooner whites stop shiting themselves every time that accusation is thrown around the sooner we can save ourselves ( if it’s not too late )

  3. Heartland Separatist.

    It is about to get a whole lot worse. The United Nations projects that by the end of the century Africa will contain 4.5 billion people and that Nigeria will be the third most populated place on Earth behind China and India. Ask yourself where all these excess Nigerians will go since Nigeria cannot feed the people it already has.

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