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Hannukah, the fake Jewish holiday.

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

While some heavily remodeled non-Christian Identist politicians with honorary doctorates might take the Jews at their word when the enemies of our race described in the book of Revelations chapter two verse nine and chapter three verse nine claim to be the Israelites of the Bible, most of us understand that they are not. That makes it a bit awkward to criticize the synagogue of Satan when the usurpers of our identity twist a Biblical tradition or holiday to their own wicked ends. After all, we know the truth about who we are, and who they are. All of the claims they have adopted from scripture are promises made to us. The problem is not with the Bible, or with our faith, but rather with those who have hijacked them. That’s especially true of the Old Testament and the Jews. The key is drawing a distinction between the usurpers and what they have usurped, and separating the two, as wheat from chaff.

We don’t need the Jews. The Adamic White race doesn’t need the land of Israel, despite what the Crusaders mistakenly thought. We don’t even need to be bound by the non-ten commandment aspect of Mosaic law. The new Covenant, made between God and the same people as the Old Covenant, nailed dietary laws and feast days to the cross along with the continual need for animal sacrifices, putting menstruating women in tents, and quarantining pimples. What we do need is to remember who we are, and to love God and love our people, as the two most important commandments.

We are told in the Bible that the two most clear signs of depravity in the end days before the struggle begins to establish God’s kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven will be race mixing, “as in the days of Noah”, and homosexuality “as in the days of Sodom”. Noah and his family were spared from the regional flood because he and his family were “pure in their generations”, and the city of Sodom was destroyed due to the sin which still bears its name. We are also told that the AntiChrist will come promoting globalism, world unity, and multiracial tolerance and peace. Those who promote such values are on the AntiChrist side, already, as were the Pharisees.

Harping about calendars and feast days and dietary laws is literally in line with the Pharisaic tradition of seeking salvation through works, through ritual, and through external, pro forma observance.

Pharisaic | Define Pharisaic at

2. (lowercase) practicing or advocating strict observance of external forms and ceremonies of religion or conduct without regard to the spirit; self-righteous; hypocritical.

pharisaic – Dictionary Definition :

Use the adjective pharisaic to describe a religious person who is smug and judgmental, especially if his actions prove that he’s much less holy than he pretends to be. Likewise, the non-Adamic, nonWhite Jews who seek to usurp our identity can only do so in form, never in spirit. They can live in the former promised land, and call themselves us, and learn to speak Hebrew, but they cannot become God’s chosen people. They can observe dietary laws and feast days and calendars and Sabbaths, but that doesn’t matter to God. They’re already suited up for the other team. They were born that way. Their strident, ritualistic attention to detail has reached perhaps its most obvious expression in their elevation of a very obscure event to becoming their primary “religious” holiday. This article describes how the Holiday of Hannukah was invented in the 19th century by American Jews to build up their sense of ethnic solidarity, undercut Christianity and Christmas, and of course to sell stuff.  Know what matters. Know who you are, and know your enemy.

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