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Why Ozarkia? SWN Phalanx Speak Out.

As many White flight refugees buy homes and property in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri as seedbed White ethnostate pioneers, ShieldWall Network Phalanx members offer their personal testimonials on why Whites should follow Project New America, the SWN plan, and move to Ozarkia, in their own words:

John H.– “The ethnic European portion of the world’s population is shrinking and stands around 9%, at present. And, as can be seen in what’s remaining of the white West today, immigration of PoC is replacing the ethnic Europeans, as mandatory immigration is enforced in only white countries. And, with this replacement, it meets even the UN’s definition of genocide. How could this be allowed to happen, and why didn’t the people get a chance to vote whether they desired to be replaced or not?

Most whites see today that they are allowed no white identity politics, as identity politics are encouraged, and even celebrated for the other races that inhabit our once white nation states. One must remember that all politics are identity politics. Whites not being allowed white identity politics, since any mention of identity politics by whites is considered white supremacy and racist, now have no representation, since it’s not allowed. We have ever increasing taxation, but are allowed no representation. This very issue is what our Revolutionary War was all about. We are not allowed to protect our interests, and thus, the diversity is shipped in on us, destroying both our culture and once nation. But, what can we do, understanding that we, like in South Africa, have no way to protect our interest in the political arena, since we’re allowed no representation?

We must take matters into our own hands, and in a grass roots effort, make our own way to protect our interest, and our genetic heritage. We can do this by moving to Ozarkia, and out of the more diversified areas of the South. Ozarkia has over 90 contiguous counties with over 90% white populations. If racially woke whites move to this area, we form a voting block, able to better control the local politics to ensure our interests are taken into consideration. And, we can influence outcomes more than in more diversified areas, having more support from like minded people.

The nation is no more, we not meeting the definition of a nation. It’s on us, for our children’s sake, and those that come after us, to make the hard decisions to move. Just like our ancestors took risk and moved across the oceans, we too must make similar choices. Most of our ancestors moved to have a chance at a better life. Our move will be to save our families, and our People’s lives. The collective must form to be able to fight back. The collective is forming in Ozarkia. Hope to see all you freedom loving, ethnic European loving white folks in Ozarkia soon, with the spirit, “give us liberty, or give us death.” Our People must survive. There can be no western culture without the ethnic Europeans.”

Jason M.- “White brothers and sisters, please look around you and see that it is not just your God-given rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness that are under attack, but that the most important right, your very right to live, is the true target. The America that you once knew and the Constitution that you once believed in have been subverted and are no longer viable. As much as you do not want to step out of your comfort zone, you must awaken, open your eyes, and see that ultimate genocide of the white race is imminent. Jewish and non-white hatred of you has never been stronger. The future of all those you love and all that you love is at stake. You must put aside your fears and the conveniences that have made you soft and recognize that the communist terror that is coming will destroy you once and for all if you do not act. You are, without question, engaged in a spiritual, cultural, and soon-to-be physical battle for your survival. You must rise up and take charge of making sure your family and your future posterity have a place of peace where they can live and be among their own kind. It is not evil to love your own or to want to be with your own. We in the Shieldwall Network sincerely invite you to consider our location for a White Ethnostate in North Central Arkansas and South Central Missouri called Ozarkia. Here, we will establish our own white country with an infrastructure that is built by us and a government that is based on National Socialist principles run totally and completely by us. Our Christian religion, our hopes and dreams, and our values and traditions will be honored and passed to generation after generation. Our Lord Christ will be exalted, and our Southern heroes will be esteemed. The only statues that will fall are those that falsely honor the abominations of communism and satanism. Judaism and multiculturalism will never again be allowed to wreak the havoc and destruction that has brought us to the terrible circumstances we now find ourselves in. So, with your children’s future and your very way of life in mind, step out on faith white man and woman, and come one and all to Ozarkia. It begins with you! Come with us to rebuild our proud culture and cement forever our right to exist!

Charles M. – “Are you, as a White person, currently in an area which you and your family feel uncomfortable or unsafe in? Do you notice you are surrounded on all sides by a sea of racial strangers? Are openly hostile anti White leftists in control of local politics and business enforcing their policies and narratives via violent rage mobs, a jack boot police force, crooked judicial systems and an ever increasing dystopic Orwellian atmosphere? Are you considering leaving your crime filled urban hellscape to live in a more scenic, rural place with low crime, better schools, and decent White folk?

If you said yes to these questions, then you should carefully consider looking into relocation to the Ozarks. Here in the Ozarks there are around 100 contiguous counties which are over 90% White. The people here are majority conservative, Christian, are generally friendly and will go out of their way to help you if you have a flat tire. The area is mountainous with many lakes, rivers and creeks dotted with small towns where people rarely lock their doors at night. A great place to live, work, raise a family and become a part of the community.

If that isn’t enough of a selling point for you then how would you like to not hear obnoxious bass being blasted out of every ghetto hoopty Buick which drives on absurd rims through the crowded neighborhood you live in at all hours of the night? You won’t hear that here. No, seriously, you won’t. You won’t have to worry about letting your children play in the yard. You won’t have to worry about getting mugged or your car stolen. You won’t have to worry about Antifa or BLM or some other rage mob burning down businesses or assaulting you here. You won’t have to worry about tripping over a drunk/ drugged up bum walking down the sidewalk in town. You also won’t have to worry about turning off into the wrong neighborhood and possibly getting robbed or shot.

So I encourage you to do something about your current situation. Stop living in the hostile environment which you’re currently in and check out the Ozarks. Do your research, plan a trip out to see it for yourself and make plans to get yourself to a better place.”

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