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Why Ozarkia? SWN Phalanx Speak Out, Part II

In this continuing series, members of the ShieldWall Network Phalanx inner cadre express why White Americans should relocate to Ozarkia.

Robert – “Ozarkia is not for everyone. Many prefer comfort over freedom, for a government solution to their problems, to trust “the authorities” over family and kin. For those who feel a multi-ethnic utopia is the solution, there is the city or suburbs. Population centers of multi-racial conflict and centralized control are freely available to those who fear a more difficult path and want to play it safe. There is nothing wrong with taking ownership of these utopian ideals and staying in place. Expect things to become more restrictive as violence, competence, intelligence, and trust have direct connections to race. Additionally consider the impact of anti-white hatred for yourself, family, and children. Your loved ones will be targets for a frustrated population looking to blame others on limited food resources and the social injustice. Equal opportunity and equal results will never be the same. Expect to be the target of those who do not comprehend this simple truth.

As the uniquely European concept of “America” disintegrates and fractures, Ozarkia is one of the last remaining states with counties increasing in white population. Freedom means land, and land is still affordable in the Ozarks. With land comes the opportunity to build your own homestead, grow your own food, and live your own life. You will be surrounded by others who feel the same way. It is risky but life is a risk, and it should be a calculated one. To move or stay are both calculated risks. There is no better place to be than in the company of those who share your values. The abundance of forest and wildlife throughout the Ozarks, combined with the high ethnic European population, provide an environment of high trust, racial identity, competence, and community. There is room to breath and an opportunity to return to a community, your community, a natural environment on multiple levels, bought and paid for by your kin years ago.”

Taylor- “I urge all decent White Men and Women to vote with your feet. To assemble in one place and come to practice a form of government that is respectable for an Aryan to live under; to uphold and sustain. If it is not your will to relocate to Ozarkia soon, it will be another’s will that you do not get to make that decision.”

Scott- “Please ask yourself honestly what has this government done for you as a white traditionally conservative person or family, or white people in general.
What did President Trump do for you or your children or grandchildren? If you are honest you would have to say “nothing”, in fact the demonizing of your race has gotten steadily worse in the last years. I can only warn you of the coming collapse of the system that is now in place and the wrath of those left in power in the liberal controlled areas of our country. Ask yourself if anarchy or even martial law were enacted today, how safe would you and your family be where you are? Even as we speak the sides are being divided as many whites are fleeing to predominantly white areas of the country, it’s called balkanization.Now is the time to find people of like mind who are doing more than talking, they are planning for this coming event. When the emergency broadcast comes across your TV or cellphone it will be too late. Look at the evidence honestly and find a place that your family has a far better chance of surviving the purge that will be and is being committed even now.
There is a very large group of like-minded people in north Arkansas and southern Missouri, a placed called Ozarkia. I would implore you that if you have any small belief that these things are coming, try and get to this region as soon as possible .”

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