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Covid 19 Vaccine Advisory

by: ‘The Politically Incorrect Nurse’

A note to the general public and those seeking the truth about the mRNA COVID 19 vaccine:

PLEASE educate yourselves before getting this vaccine. You will STILL have to wear a mask and you are NOT protecting anyone other than yourself – maybe.

Not to mention, NO ONE (not to even the “scientists” who made the vaccine) knows what the long term side effects will be – mRNA has NEVER been in a vaccine before. Only in cancer treatment- you know, chemo, the stuff that attacks your own immune system….causing people to deteriorate as a last-resort treatment, who already face inevitable death. But here we are, getting healthy people to voluntarily take this vaccine. We are talking about microscopic pieces of man-made data that tell your body what to do and when to do it- how scary! So no, this isn’t “just like the flu shot”. Flu shots are composed of inactivated or dying viral particles that your body sends a NATURAL immune response to, not some man-made and manufactured mRNA particles that can CONTROL your whole immune system.

Also, keep in mind that Pfizer, the company that manufactures these COVID vaccines, is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies around – due to total monopolization of their industry. They have gained so much power by trickery and deception – not by producing trustworthy products. I urge you to take a look at their wrap sheet on Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against this big pharm company – why, you ask? THEIR PRODUCTS ARE NOT SAFE. They have never cared about the outcomes of their faulty products – only money! There is so much evidence and documentation of this, it’s hard to believe that anyone would want a vaccine produced, ESPECIALLY, by this company!

Furthermore, the ever-so-trusted CDC does not even know how long the vaccines will provide immunity nor how well it will! Vaccinated people might still be able to get infected and pass the virus on. For all we know, you’re injecting yourself with unknown substances at the chance of having immunity (don’t forget that it also does not protect against transmission). This part IS like the flu shot – you know, that vaccine “they” want everyone to get every year that never works and you still end up getting some type of flu? As a nurse, I am sworn to “do no harm” as part of my Hypocratic oath and, ethically, I would NOT be able to recommend this vaccine to ANYONE in good conscience.

So my question is: why bother? It’s appalling that my colleagues think they are “setting an example”…the example of ignorance. Or maybe people are doing it possibly just as plain old virtue signaling. You are not a hero, you are not “providing a greater good” or “doing your part”, you are not a ground-breaker. But you ARE a human guinea pig that is, in fact, making history! History of being one of the first ones to follow the herd mentality off of the cliff into the medically unknown – a slippery slope into further government control.



  1. RONA Renegade

    Thanks for posting this insightful view from Politically Incorrect Nurse on this important matter.

    CNBC has reported that the Trump administration invoked the PERP or Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act last February ahead of the development of this vaccine.

    That Act essentially gives Federal immunity from prosecution or lawsuits to Pfizer and Moderna as deaths or complications arise from the Covid vaccine, this Federally created protection from lawsuits to the pharmas lasts until 2024.

    Taking preemptive Federal legal action to protect pharmas from liability is par for the course from this corrupt administration, an administration that already let their globalist partners in the pharmaceutical industry write U.S. opioid policy at the same time the pharmas were the subject of dozens of lawsuits for dumping opioids across the country and intentionally downplaying the dangers of Oxycontin.

  2. M. Fisher

    What nurse misspells “Hippocratic”?
    Otherwise, good article.

    • Red Pill RN

      Thanks for the input grammar nazi.

    • Glincoln

      Would we be so scared of a cold if we didn’t have a television? Like having a Jew in your living room. Turn off the sports ball, drop the booze and cigs/cigars…go for a walk, hunt, gun range, Baroque music, memorize a Bible verse or two, write a letter. The list goes on…

  3. Glincoln

    Every day is just a black gay pride parade. Cant even watch mind-numbing TV anymore (after a hard days work where 1/2 my salary goes to Israhell and Taiwana or Moesha). The gloves are off man.
    “Every tragedy is an opportunity to make money.” Yiddish saying

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