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Becoming a Third World Country

by Paul Jones

In a certain sense, I’m already living in a Third World country if I consider the present make up of New York City where I have lived for the past thirteen years. However, if I take into account only the neighborhood I live in, it’s First World. This is because I’ve resided in a heavily Chinese and Korean enclave in Queens, and so within this I can mostly ignore other “Third World” areas of the city.

However, if I get on the subway and go only three stations in the direction of Manhattan, I might as well have entered a Latin American country. If I go a few stations further and get off, I could be in Bangladesh or India. If I change trains and head towards Long Island, before long I arrive at a section called Jamaica, which is predominantly black and has all the crime and uncleanliness which is associated with such an area of the city.

The wealthier white areas of Manhattan, predominantly Jewish, are definitely in the First World category. But just as the case with the East Asian neighborhood where I live, these sections are a minority in a sea of mostly mestizos and mulattos. If New York City were a separate country, it would not be able to continue its First World economic status, but because it’s a city within the greater United States it can continue to do so.

However, what if the entire U.S. population becomes heavily majority mestizo and mulatto, as is the case with all the Latin American countries which are Third World ones, as it inexorably will over the next few decades unless present trends are somehow changed? At some point the country will sink into Third World status.

At present, most of the whites in this country-even in areas where they are being overwhelmed by non-whites of mostly mestizo and mulatto backgrounds, such as the big cities and states like California-are still closing their eyes to what’s happening in front of them because they still can either maintain a middle class life style or at least have a reasonable amount of “creature comforts” even if they’re in the working class, a class which the Trotskyists describe in the U.S. as the Workers Aristocracy in relation to those in most of the world.

The theory of the mainstream liberals and conservatives in the U.S. is to have all the new, “huddled masses” of immigrants, mostly lower I.Q. non-whites, somehow merge successfully into U.S. culture in this “proposition nation.” In the case of those in the “respectable” Right, the idea is to produce more Clarence Thomas types, the model conservative, black on the Supreme Court, who is married to a white woman and defends our Constitution.

Meanwhile, those whites who still are oblivious to what is going on continue to inhabit their deracinated, multi-cultural world in which more money and increased social status is their primary goal. However, when the non-white tipping point is finally reached and the U.S. economy then inevitably collapses into a Latin American style one, they will have a rude awakening. At that point they may finally wake up to the need to embrace their brethren among whites who do not buy into this false illusion and live in regions of the country like Ozarkia, Franklin and other areas where most whites still uphold a sense of racial identity which allows them to maintain their European-American heritage.

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