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The Radical Flank: Why The Big Tent Fails

On Tuesday, December 22nd, at 8 pm central, the Christmas special The Radical Flank program will feature a discussion of why the ‘Big Tent’ approach to the movement is always destined to fail, and why being friendly with everybody, including mutual enemies, leads to having no loyalty or principles, in the end.

The Radical Flank program is sponsored by The ShieldWall Network and carried on Straight Arm Media.

Subtopics will include the poisons of individualism, subjectivity, nihilism, and the feminization of our cultural psyche. This leads to people switching organizations and sides as often as middle school kids on a playground. They are in and out and cross and cool, with no stability from one day to the next. There may have been those who tried to be friends with both Strasser and Hitler, but in 1934 they all had to choose a team, or they had one chosen for them, as one example. Today, the lazy, big tent, all inclusive hobbyist mentality is displayed by those who think it is fine to let Gypsies and Jews and other nonWhites into White Nationalism. The solutions are discipline, collectivism, and absolutism, which we will also explore. Join Billy, Charles, and our listeners for a thought-provoking discussion.

Your calls welcome! Dial-in number (US): (978) 990-5342
Access code: 8084660#
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Online meeting ID: straightarm88
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Watch the comments section below for links to the archived program on bitchute and archive, once it is finished, in case you miss the live fun!

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