Controversial “Protocols” series coming to Balk Right Blog

by John H.

Folks, the SWN will be working on a series of articles on The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

We’re going to go through each Protocol, all 24, examining how they relate to history and to our future.

Please keep in mind the Jew has always called them a forgery, but after going through the Protocols, I submit you will think them the book of revelation.

And, if you’re not a National Socialist, after we have went through the Protocols, I would be most surprised. We’re going to expose them, examine them, and make them talking points.

We will welcome discussion in the comment section of the articles themselves, and on our channels. The content is shocking, and some might find them black pilling, depending on one’s personality, but no matter what, you will be informed.

I encourage everyone to participate in the discussion. If something is unclear, ask questions. I think after going through this study, you will understand we must form a collective, the very thing ZOG fights against. We’re literally in the battle of our lives. You will agree too, I believe, after we go through the Protocols. Be looking for the first article soon.

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  1. You can read the book for free in either HTML or PDF formats, as well as by a copy from a pro-White bookseller here: http://www.colchestercollection.com/titles/chunk/P/the-protocols/title-page.html

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