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Christmas 2020 Feelz

by Billy Roper

ShieldWall Network Coordinator

This has been, by any measure, one of the most surreal years in memory. A year so bizarre that a Presidential impeachment barely ranks on the list of crazy things that happened during the last twelve months. We’re talking global pandemics, mass hysteria, totalitarian lockdowns that would have made Orwell oof out loud, race riots and looting and arsons, and all the other dumpster fires we will discuss this coming Tuesday evening at 8 pm central on The Radical Flank program.

Every year we see less traditional celebrations at Christmas as the crass materialism takes over. The same (((people))) who try to take Christ out of the schools are behind this, and the new alternative versions of Christmas such as Hanukkah and Kwaanza. Our culture finds it’s boldest expression in Christmas, with the nativity plays, the pageantry, the Christmas trees, and our celebration of home and family, so it is only natural that our enemies would seek to corrupt it.

Every Christmas we can look back at the past year and count those who gave up and left the fray, those who proved themselves disloyal or hobbyists, and those who failed, or we can choose to count our new friends who have stepped forward to take their places and more, to move us forward together.

Dietrich Eckart, the volkish poet, wrote about how we had Christian ideals even before we were Christian and this is why these traditions were not rejected, they were positive and Christ was already pre-figured in our hearts and in our traditions. They matter also because they are European traditions, not just because they are Christian or Pagan. As Europeans we have a common spirit due to the DNA which we all hold in common. Even with different ethnicities within the White race we all share Christmas as a part of our culture, with a good example of how this works for unity between us being the Christmas truce in World War I, where they were singing the same carols but in their own individual languages across the frozen trenches.

Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther was one of the first Christians to popularize the Christmas tree when he saw the stars shining through the ice-encrusted green boughs and wanted his children to experience the same beauty indoors. Queen Victoria then brought the tradition to England by her German husband and from there it then spread to America. Christmas really is a pan-European tradition, even if the customs differ between countries. The essence of it remains the same, the victory of the Light of Truth over the Dark power of Death.

As I get older, Christmas is more and more a time for nostalgia, not just remembering the people who have passed on during the closing calendar, but all the Christmases that have gone before, in my memory. I find myself thinking about my dad and my grandma and my brother and my sister and others who are no longer here. If you know of a White racial comrade who is spending Christmas alone this year, invite them over, go visit them, or at least pick up the phone and give them a call. If you have family this year, reach out to them, be with them if possible, and remember that the term “White Christmas” isn’t just a wish, it’s a redundancy.

Enjoy this time of rest. Use it to recharge your batteries and remember what we are doing this for, if you need encouragement. We have a lot of work to do in the coming year, getting ready for the Fall….and I don’t mean Autumn.

Merry Christmas to all of you, from the ShieldWall Network.

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  1. RobZ

    Very Xlnt Billy, my Brother, Comrade, & Friend!!
    Very! 14 WORDS✝️☠️👍

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