…It Fits What Is Going On Today

by Paul Jones

In the autobiography of Gerald L.K. Smith, “Besieged Patriot,” Smith quotes from Henry Ford who was asked about the authenticity of “The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.” He replied, “I do not care to go into that subject. All I know is that it fits what is going on today.” (P. 160)

Smith, who had “The Protocols” published by his Christian Nationalist Crusade, states that the document was discovered by “…a brilliant student of editorial research, Victor Marsden. Marsden, while a correspondent for the ‘London Morning Post’ in Russia, was thrown in jail and expected to be assassinated.” After escaping to London he translated the document. “It was Mr. Marsden’s belief that ‘The Protocols’ were issued at the first Zionist Congress held in Basle, Switzerland in 1897, under the presidency of the father of modern Jewish Zionism, the late Theodore Herzl.” (p. 164)

Smith himself, when asked once if he thought “The Protocols” are genuine, replied the following: “I don’t need ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ to know the formula for persecution and abuse which has been cooked up by the organized Jews of the world, because they have written their program with my blood, and they have branded their abuses on my body, and they have poured the acid of their Christ-hating tyranny upon my soul. All I know is my personal experiences to know the techniques, the programs and the plans of the antichrist.” (p. 306)

So even if, for purposes of argument, “The Protocols” was a forgery by one of the agents of the czar’s secret police to show what the program was by organized Jewry to gain absolute power over the nations and set up a world government, it wouldn’t take away from the simple statement by Henry Ford, who first published them in “The Dearborn Independent” that “…It fits what is going on today.”

What has happened since “The Protocols” were written is the inversion of what the Jews accused the National Socialists in Germany of doing, creating a master race to rule over the planet. As a result of the defeat of Germany and its allies in W.W.II, we now have the reality of the goals of “The Protocols” coming to fruition, a Jewish Supremacist, New World Order that uses so many “useful idiot” whites to implement its plans.

So it’s too late do anything now to stop the goals of “The Protocols” from being achieved-it’s now pretty much of a “mopping up operation” for them. The still mostly European background nations are “under the thumb” of the interests of Israel and the Jewish Power Structure.

However, if we consider each of the Protocols and think of how they apply to this present grab for absolute power, we realize that all is not certain as to whether the present tenuous hold on the reins of power can continue. The United States, the country in which world history principally passes through at this point, has been thrown into such divisiveness thanks to the policies set out in “The Protocols” that the next few years are certainly going to be ones in which the contradictions of the Jewish power grab may grow too much, especially since Identity Politics and white bashing of one form or another will accelerate under the Biden-Harris administration likely to take power soon-barring some kind of political miracle which doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

The only-and I mean only thing holding U.S. society together at this point-is the fact we’re still a First World country. But with the kind of governmental spending and rampant debt increases at all levels of government, not to mention so many individuals totally “maxed out” on their high interest credit cards, how much longer can this last?

One quote from George Lincoln Rockwell I particularly recall involved his stating that until enough white persons could no longer live a comfortable life style with so many creature comforts, a successful counter-revolution against Z.O.G. would not be possible. I think we’re due to see before long the kind of economic collapse that will be the catalyst necessary for enough whites to realize that they are the Goyim that “The Protocols” refer to, and that it is high time to undo the results of all the successful plotting and brainwashing that has resulted in what Wilmot Robertson called in his book, “The Dispossessed Majority.” “Hasten the day!”

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    Well done.
    Hasten the day, indeed!

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