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The Radical Flank: 2020 End Of Year Review

TRF, sponsored by SWN, carried on SAM. At a special time, 9 pm central, on Tuesday, December 29th, join The Radical Flank for our end of year discussion of everything that went wild in 2020, and everything that served acceleration, as well as who passed on and who failed off. Your calls welcome! Dial-in number (US): (978) 990-5342
Access code: 8084660#
International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: straightarm88
Join the online meeting:


  1. RONA Renegade

    Great job keeping everyone up to date with outstanding content throughout this past year.

    Interesting pic, it seems the old motor home has become a symbol of the displaced and disenchanted in the U.S. , and many more will be joining the ranks in 2021.

    Thanks for all your good work on behalf of Whites worldwide..RONA

  2. Glincoln

    Ah yes the white RV, the new “mark” of white nationalism

  3. Comment by post author


    Correction: this is the right bitchute posting for the new The Radical Flank 2020 Year End Review special:

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