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Caution: Entering 2021, Divided Lanes Ahead

From PBS News Hour: ‘How The Pandemic Has Exposed America’s Deep Divide’.

We have to recognize and address it: “With today’s divisions, America is as close to a national breakup as we were in 1860.”

Can we heal a divided America? “Do we really want our crisis to be healed?”

Arizona lawmakers to California: Can we help you secede from the union?

A Secession Session

Missouri secession petitions reach 33K signatures

As we go out with the old and in with the new, 2021 does not look to be a time of peace, unity, reconciliation, and understanding. There will be no reaching across the aisles to hold hands and sing Kumbaya as the first and second amendments are eviscerated and the economy is crushed in preparation for the Great Reset. Acceleration will continue with the tens of millions of White Americans who understand that the soft coup that happened on November 3rd was successful, and that voting does not matter any more. For the new year, that will be the mantra we in the ShieldWall Network will repeat to them to remind them, every time they want to reach for a lever like a greedy kid reaching for a cookie: “voting doesn’t matter any more”.

Thank you to the overzealous, chutzpah filled enemies of our people for making your election theft so obvious.

With that mantra we will help them through their final stages of Trump loss grief, and guide them out of Civic Nationalism towards the Balk Right. Millions of them will make it through, and join us as we work to lay the groundwork for a new White ethnostate, voting with their feet, because otherwise, voting doesn’t matter any more.

Happy New Year!

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