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Phase Two

by Paul Jones

Feeling fairly philosophical as 2021 begins, I found some words from the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, that I find particularly apropos to the political situation white people find themselves in at present, not only in the United States but all over the West: “All great truth goes through three phases. First it is ridiculed, then violently attacked, and finally accepted as self-evident.”

If I think back to the first phase, I recall how at U.C.L.A. in 1965 George Lincoln Rockwell came to the campus to address a meeting there. At the time I didn’t even know about it since I was not politically aware and was “going with the flow” as the saying went back then. This was when the “ridicule” stage was taking place for the most part since almost all of the action going on was an unstoppable surge towards a total takeover of U.S. society by Z.O.G. Rockwell’s movement was seen as merely comical and non-threatening at that time, and so U.C.L.A. could live up to its reputation as a “marketplace of ideas,” even ideas of National Socialism espoused by Rockwell and his small group of followers.

But to “fast forward” to the present, we can see that we’re definitely at the stage when ideas on the Racial Right are being attacked in every way possible by the new Establishment. To look at what happened at Charlottesville in 2017 is to see how all the forces-political, police and judicial-worked against the peaceful demonstrators there who had a legal right to protest the taking down of statues, yet were met with the full force of all three of these. There are some still in jail for simply having defended older, more vulnerable demonstrators against the vicious attacks by Antifa and BLM. Others were doxed and had their personal and professional lives ruined, with one individual being driven to suicide because of this.

So along with jail time for some as an outgrowth of Charlottesville, the tone was set for future actions against those in the Racial Right as well. The Jewish Power Structure had decided that it could no longer permit “dangerous ideas” to be disseminated under the doctrine of free speech as supposedly guaranteed by the First Amendment, but that it needed to move towards the European and Canadian model. In that model, which it is fervently working towards at present in the U.S., there are Hate Laws which can cause imprisonment simply for stating on a public or private forum any criticism of Israel and the Jews, and especially any questioning at all of the Holocaust. In addition, any ideas which deviate from the party line regarding the absolute equality of racial groups are to be included in such laws. So if one were found to be quoting a scientific study showing that blacks have, on average, about a 15 point lower I.Q. than whites, then this could result in imprisonment or stiff fines as well.

Nonetheless, even though laws resulting in imprisonment or a heavy monetary fine are not in place yet in this country, fear of doxing or loss of job and destruction of one’s personal life do exist at a more intense level with each passing day so that another quote comes to mind to show what effect this has on the average, mostly apolitical white person. The American writer, Upton Sinclair, stated it well when he said, “It’s difficult to get someone to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Or another way to look at this is to consider a scene from the play, “Galileo, Galilei,” when the astronomer asks some priests to simply look through his telescope to see the truth of what he had found, that the earth revolves around the sun and not vice-versa. The priests, knowing the consequences of believing such a heretical idea, refused to even look through it.

With the tipping point already having been reached as far as our racial replacement by non-whites, there is a fear by the powers that be that enough whites will wake up to the reality that we’re heading toward an “Afrikaner” existence in the country founded and developed by our ancestors and that traction will be gained to combat the Jewish Power Structure. It’s now totally clear that we’re never going to “vote our way out of the mess,” especially when the new Biden administration begins to open the flood gates to massive non-white immigration.

We’re in a similar position to that of the Visigoths in Spain in 711 A.D. following the successful invasion of that country by the Moorish armies that had crossed over from North Africa. The Christians were forced to retreat to the more mountainous areas of the northwest where they regrouped and were able to gradually regain power before they were then able to counter-attack over the next several centuries in what is termed the “Reconquista.” In a similar way, we’re now faced with the need to regroup and regain power in the still mostly white areas of the U.S., such as Ozarkia, Franklin and other regions. From such areas will come eventually our own “Reconquista,” God willing. This will happen once phase three is finally entered into, when the political truth we aware whites see becomes “self-evident” after a sufficient number of our fellow European-Americans manage to perceive it.  


  1. M. Fisher

    Very well said.

    • Glincoln

      Yeah, we need to keep repeating the mantra: WE CANNOT VOTE OUR WAY OUT OF THIS!!!

  2. Dirlewanger

    Tell Billy that on,”,” there is no mention of the jew, whatsoever.

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      The ShieldWall Network subpage is designed to tell people who SWN is and what our goals, tactics, and strategies are. There is plenty of explanation of why the Jews are our enemy on the Balk Right Blog subpage, but the SWN page focuses on US, and what WE are doing and need to do.

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