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Yesterday, in Washington, D.C., an unarmed woman was shot dead during a mostly peaceful protest on public property. Her name was Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt. Ashli was a 35 year old, married U.S. Air Force veteran from California, and a mother of three. Three other Trump supporters, one female and two male, were killed yesterday in and around the U.S. Capitol grounds during the protest there. Their names have not yet been released.

Yesterday, in Washington, D.C., after a long struggle with cognitive dissonance, the Back the Blue movement was fatally shot dead as well, with millions of formerly law and order disposed right wingers finally coming to realize that law enforcement is not their friend.

Yesterday, in Washington, D.C., their loyalty to their chosen political party also died, their belief in always being content to choose the perceived lesser of two evils succumbed to reality, and their belief in the establishment regime which calls itself their government died. Tolerance and forgiveness also fell, which have sadly both been ruled victims of suicide. All of these deaths will be counted as Covid 19 related.

Those illusions were preceded in death by their denial of the victory of the left’s election fraud soft coup d’etat, and their faith in lever pulling to change things. They are survived by a realization of the effects of the demographic genocide of America’s founding people, and the long term outcome of generations of pathological altruism.

Graveside services will be held by the Balk Right, where many of the friends and family of the victims are gathering, and will be officiated by The ShieldWall Network.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made in blood, lead, and steel.


  1. Glincoln

    Wow, you called. America is just a decayed corpse. As the saying goes: “I woke this morning and my uniform was the color of my skin.”
    I didn’t look at any of this yesterday because it was so predictable. I listened to a talk about George Lincoln Rockwell and read about Bob Matthews.

  2. RONA Renegade

    And the Zuckerberging cowards over at Trumpfront who are still making endless excuses for their favorite corrupt anti White, israeli firster should just move to Mar a Lago…..they have reduced themselves to a level of zero credibility on important matters and are not to be trusted going forward.

  3. Heartland Separatist.

    Rest In Power Ashli! Also, let us not forget Pence is the one who called out the National Guard and refused to call the election fraudulent. Trump promised to walk with the protesters to the capitol but chickened out at the last minute. He also cucked out after the murder and said he would not block Biden’s ascension to the presidency. What will all his Tic Toc fans do now since they told us God had spoken to them and ensured him Trump will remain in power. Are they now false prophets?

  4. RONA Renegade

    Part two:

    More has been revealed by Roy Cohns star pupil Trump from the temporary safety of The White House, Trump just announced by pre recorded message that the members of Ourselves and Our posterity who paid a long overdue visit to the Capital yesterday quote:

    ” Have defiled the ” seat of democracy” ….do not represent the country….and to those who broke the Law you will pay”

    Not a surprise to any interested observer that a President who was officially pleased, by Law, to be the most anti White President in U.S. history would turn on his own supporters again…….unfortunately an unarmed lady was shot and killed yesterday by Federal authorities, otherwise that unscheduled tour of the Capital wasn’t much worse than the aftermath of President Jackson’s inaugural celebration……these globalists and their apparatchiks ensconced in Madame Pelosis israel first brothel are a cabal of pearl clutching snowflakes, who are now putting up walls, calling out National Guards and firing their own security because they felt unsafe when they had to face Ourselves and Our posterity for a couple of hours, pathetic.

  5. Brian

    God Bless her. She will be a beacon of light and a Patriot for us all. She showed more courage and conviction than 99% of the white men I know. We all can learn a lesson from her. May God bless her children and family. Cowards executed an unarmed white woman. We can take no more.

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