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Working Out for Good

by Paul Jones

There’s a Spanish expression that may hopefully sum up where we’re at now: “No hay mal que por bien no venga” (There’s nothing bad which can’t work out for good) There’s also the line from the Kenny Rogers song, “The Gambler,” which goes “Every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser.”

This is how I’m approaching the loss by the Republicans of both Senate races in Georgia, thereby throwing control of all branches of government into the hands of the Democrats, with all the consequences that will likely ensue because of this.

After considering human nature for my entire life-as all of us do as a matter of course-I have concluded that the British expression, “I’ve got mine, Jack,” applies to how most of us operate. When one has a vested interest in the system, however oppressive or degenerate the system might be, holding on to one’s material achievements is the primary concern.

It wasn’t the white working class which voted for Biden during the presidential election last year, and it certainly wasn’t that group which voted for the candidates of the Democratic Party in the election for U.S. Senate in Georgia on Jan. 5th. It was the vote of too high a percentage of white voters in the Middle and Upper classes who have a great enough stake in the system so they could support basically anti-white, Democratic candidates.

I realize that shifting demographics involving growing numbers of non-whites is also a key factor in many states, such as California, Virginia and now Georgia, but how does one explain electoral results in states like New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine which went for Biden? In those states the non-white percentages have to be less than 10% in each, yet the whites there voted for a Party which is clearly against their best interests as a racial group. The reason has to be that the combination of a college or university “education,” along with significant material possessions of houses, nice cars and other “creature comforts” allow them to be indifferent to the downward spiral the country has found itself in for so many decades.

Since it clearly is going to take the United States becoming a Third World country and thus causing  possessions to be lost for them to wake up, I now see this seemingly bad event of the control by the Democrats of all branches of government as perhaps the best thing to happen for an economic collapse to occur. This collapse would involve the demise of the U.S. dollar due to further massive increases in debt and deficit spending, something which will go forward in a much greater way with Mitch McConnell no longer in control of the Senate in order for the Republicans to be able to block high cost spending measures.

So this new “hand” we have been dealt might be just the one that is needed to shake things up economically to the point where enough of our people realize that in the final analysis they are European-Americans, inheritors of a proud heritage going back centuries and that we have to unite as a people. Keep in mind that if one studies German politics and economics in the 1920’s, there was a point in 1928 when the National Socialist Party had a much reduced number in the Reichstag due to greater wealth and well-being having been achieved by the German middle class. They were willing to go along with the Weimar Republic and not confront all the corruption and decadence taking place because they now “had theirs.” But following the stock market crash of Wall Street in 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression, enough of them suddenly woke up to think racially so that from only a dozen National Socialist members of the Reichstag in 1928, the 1930 elections brought 112 into the 577 member body. From then, all is history. Let’s see if similar kinds of events begin to play out in the U.S. in the coming months and years as the Democrats have a field day and are able to implement their destructive fiscal practices which will before long cause an economic collapse, the unfortunately needed “wake up call” for enough of our white brethren so that they see the need to work for white ethnostates as the only realistic means for our survival as a people.


  1. This author draws an illogical comparison between Germany and America. Germany at the time it went big time national socialist was a highly uniform society with 98% of the population being German in ethnicity. The remaining 2% were Polish or others. The Jewish population was at about 1%. Germany was better off after losing its heavily Polish minority in West Prussia. America at present has a non-White minority. True, we are the inheritors of the republic but we are now outnumbered. An electoral/parlamentary solution to our problems cannot follow what happened in Weimar Germany

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