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Capitolization Event Leading to Civil War

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

The storming of the U.S. Capitol, while resisted much more violently, with barricades, tear gas, and batons, than the time when a bunch of armed militant Black Panther Party members took over the Senate chamber and were peacefully disarmed by Capitol Police who then gave them their guns back and released them without charges, has turned a corner for millions of CivNats.

They saw four unarmed Americans be killed in the mostly peaceful protest, including a mother of three brutally gunned down on camera, shot to death with cops right behind her who could have arrested her without any loss of life, if they had wanted to. They saw dozens of others attacked and brutalized by police, the same police who took a knee before burning and looting and pillaging BLM rioters in the same city just this past summer, as they had in cities across the country.

They see their leaders betraying and disavowing them, their fellow believers being charged with federal felonies, and fired from their jobs, and censored from social media platforms which should be regulated like utilities to allow free speech. They see the Georgia Senate elections stolen just as the national election was, through a combination of massive and organized fraud and purposeful demographic genocide. They anticipate reparations bills and open border and amnesty bills and anti-second amendment bills and hate speech bills and domestic terrorism laws coming in the very near future with the new, rabid regime coming into power at the end of this month. They see red flag laws around the corner. They see that voting cannot work, the time for elections is over, and no politician is going to save them from the hard choices and harder actions required.

This was not a false flag event by Antifa, any more than the Boston Tea Party was a false flag event committed by government (British) agent loyalists pretending to be Sons of Liberty pretending to be Indians. The Qtard tin foil hat people screaming that the Capitolization (the term I invented for the event) was carried out by Antifa are just so gutless themselves that they can’t imagine anyone else daring to have done anything irl, so their cope is to deny that anyone did, at face value. Shame on them.

Likewise, shame on the dwindling few who are still in a state of denial and want to focus on 2024, on the next lever pulling rationalization. Let them be forgotten by history.

Most of the Trump crowd know better. A couple of years ago, the Balk Right was pleased to report that more Americans than ever had come to accept that a Civil War in the United States is inevitable, when the poll numbers reached 33%, or a third of Americans. That seemed awesome. In the aftermath of the January 6th Capitolization Event, however, that percentage has increased even further.

It didn’t have to be that way. If the Leftists, the establishment elites, the Jews had been more patient and wise, their smarter tactic would have been to call for national unity and reconciliation, rather than being vengeful. They would have simply laid the entire responsibility for everything that had gone wrong, for all of the animosity and vitriol and division in the country, at the feet of the outgoing President, instead of going after his followers. They might have said that many Americans were misled by a demagogue, but in two weeks we will come together again, with malice towards none, as Lincoln said he wanted to do at the end of the last Civil War. Instead, their pettiness and chutzpah wouldn’t let them. They had to widen the gulf further by going after all Trump supporters, by prosecuting dozens of them on the federal level, by organizing controlled media witchhunts to find them and get them fired from their jobs and arrested, and to institute social media purges on many platforms.

Through their actions the establishment told the CivNats that there will be no reunification, no healing, no peace. Through their actions, they told us that we were right about how short-sighted and self destructive they are. These are not omnipotent, omniscient, unstoppable godlings who control every aspect of our existence through total power. These are scared, weak, petty mischlings who cower on the floor of their Congressional chambers sniveling when Our Progeny come to express righteous indignation. The only thing weaker than their cowardice and impotence in revelatory moments like we saw on January 6th are those on our side who give them far too much credit.

Millions of CivNats now are not being allowed to Stand Down and Stand By. The establishment is picking a fight, like a bully who just can’t stop. And, frankly, maybe 90% of Trump’s supporters may either calm down or more likely get scared into silence by the current and coming crackdowns. 90%. That sounds optimistic for the establishment. It means that still leaves roughly 7.5 million Trump supporters who not only know that Civil War is coming, with no exit ramp in between now and then…they are finally resigned to it. The establishment cannot stop a million determined people, much less two or three or four or five million. Seven million? Well, we have already seen how they curl up in fetal positions and cry on the floor when it’s just a few hundred, haven’t we?

Yes, we thought that a third of Americans accepting the inevitability of the coming conflict was groundbreaking. Until now.

After the January 6th Capitolization, before the Million Militia March planned for Inauguration Day in DC, new numbers are in, and they are eye opening. They should be terrifying for the establishment. According to the new poll, 71% of Trump supporters believe that America is headed for another Civil War. Crawling on the floor in their face masks, 40% of Biden supporters agree.

Spend this time doing last minute preps. Stock up on food, water, guns, and ammunition. Get your families OUT of multiracial and diverse areas before you get caught behind enemy lines when martial law comes down. Network with irl like-minded people such as the ShieldWall Network, at our next meeting coming up on the 16th. Come to Ozarkia. We are working hard every day on getting ready for the storm just over the horizon. All the normies, even the establishment, now see it coming. Are you going to do anything about it, or just sit there and procrastinate and die?

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  1. BobZ

    Very xlnt words of advice, Billy, yet again! Would that this could have “come on sooner” ala during O’bongo’s “reign!!” Tho I’m much older now, it’s high time we get with it …or as you said at the end….just die! I’ve known you for 20+ years, my Brother, Comrade, & Ffiend!! I know of no one more apt & able to Lead us, Billy! That Time is now! 14/88✝️☠️

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