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Normalcy Bias vs. Perspectival Supremacy Bias

Normalcy bias is a cognitive bias which leads people to disbelieve or minimize threat warnings. Consequently, individuals underestimate the likelihood of a disaster, when it might affect them, and its potential adverse effects.

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

Normalcy bias is expressed through thoughts such as “It can’t happen here.” or “Things like that just don’t occur any more.”, and is based on the rationalization that “I have never experienced X, so X will not happen to me.”

At war psychologically with normalcy bias is existentialism, and the perspectival supremacist bias which drives people to feel that the moment they live in is the most important in all of human history, and their point of view the most crucial, ever. The symptoms of perspectival supremacy bias are paranoid delusions, conspiracy theories, and a persecution complex.

Sanity is found in that golden mean somewhere in the middle.

The United States is not exceptionally immune to the same forces of division and conflict which took down the former Yugoslavia, or the old USSR, or the Ottoman Empire, or Roman civilization. Modern technology and the complex threads which hold our government in power actually make it less secure and more fragile, not stronger.

As recent events has shown, the numbers of those emerging from the unhealthy denial of normalcy bias are increasing, as are those sinking into perspectival supremacy bias.

The truth is, none of us predicted the Capitolization Event, most certainly not the Jews and their shabbos goy Congressional puppets who ended up crawling in fear before the wrath of Our Progeny. Even now, they are lashing out motivated by humiliated rage in vengeance, with no rational consideration of even their own best interests motivating their actions, or reining them in. This purely emotional response is what makes the current moment uncertain. What we see unfolding is not some diabolical, long mapped-out plan of omnipotent and omniscient puppetmasters. What we see happening now is is the thrashing about of a blind and wounded beast in full panic mode, smelling its own blood and fear. That’s why the next few months are difficult to predict.

However, more and more voices are rising in warning of what we in the Balk Right and specifically in The ShieldWall Network have been telling our people for years: multiracial democracy is dead. The United States of America is heading for a break up. Balkanization is coming.

In May of 2018, a couple of months before Harold Covington of the NorthWest Front passed away, I had the opportunity to participate in a Balkanization Roundtable discussion with him, along with Tom Kawczynski of the New Albion movement and Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South. The four of us each had different visions, at least geographically, of America’s future, based on our own regional preferences and, one might conclude, our perspectival supremacy biases. However, the conversation was civil, cordial, diplomatic, and I believe, informative. For that reason we are resharing it with our followers and supporters, now when millions of our people really need to hear it, if they have not yet.

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    In the time of Noah, people laughed at and mocked him, saying that it was not going to flood. In the time of Hitler, millions of Communists, Jews, and Homosexuals procrastinated and hesitated to leave Germany while they still could. Even though the numbers of them that died and their causes of death have been exaggerated, the fact remains that being a Jew or a Communist or a Homosexual in the Third Reich wasn’t pleasant. They lost their citizenship and many of their rights, and some ended up in work camps where they died of malnutrition or Typhus. But they had plenty of warnings. As their businesses were closed down and they were removed from professions such as teaching, many of them immigrated to the United States. Those who stayed behind made all kinds of excuses as to why they should not bother moving. There was a huge German-American Bund Party of National Socialists in America already, they said. Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford and Father Coughlin were reaching tens of millions with their anti-Jewish ‘America First’ campaign, they argued. A half million White Americans were active members of the anti-Jewish, anti-Homosexual, anti-Communist Ku Klux Klan, more than there were members in the whole Nazi Party in Germany. In fact, numerically, there were almost as many literal Nazis in the U.S., as there were in Germany, and who could say that they would be any safer there than staying at home? Nazism might come to America, too, then what, who or what was to stop it from doing so? And so they stayed. Today, based on the history of places like Haiti and Rhodesia and South Africa, we know what is coming to majority nonWhite areas of the U.S.. It will be worse for Whites in the deep South ten years from now than it was for Jews in Germany during W.W. II. But the normalcy bias I wrote about in today’s article on the SWN website combined with laziness and cowardice will make many Whites stay and die there, just as many Jews, despite all the warnings from 1930 to 1939, stayed in Germany.

  2. Glincoln

    Agree. Also, it seems that we (people) need to get to that final stage of ACCEPTANCE (then action). Just thinking about what humans go through in the stages of grief: denial then anger then bargaining then depression then ACCEPTANCE. I mean it’s rough to see our country like this!

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