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The Beasts of The Bible (KJV)

Who or what were they?

by Johnny Reb

Animals or creatures? Two leg biped or four legged quadruped ? 

What are the beast in the Bible?

In order to understand the total depth of Gods word we must first understand that God did not write the Bible in English. This FACT must be understood First before anything else, and that the King James Bible is the closet thing we have to translate Back to the original scrolls. This paper is not to argue with when the Bible was brought together or the bickering, back and forth of quotes from other NWT, and NIV, and NKJ. Those Bibles will always take a back seat to the original KJV of 1611. Some may argue that this work is flawed, and not accurate; to those I say, back seat drivers always argue how you’re driving until it comes to their turn, then they become hypocrites!

How do we translate from the original KJV to the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek? We use an Original Strongs Concordance, and an original Bullingers Companion Bible. A Smiths Bible Dictionary was used as well as 1916 Websters Dictionary. Why do I use these references for factual translation and reference? These White men were the greatest minds of their time in theology. I will not Argue this fact.

I will be using the Strongs Concordance number system with each word that must be translated. These numbers can be referenced back to the Strongs Concordance for factual checks if you are so inclined. The Bullinger Companion Bible will be referenced as BCB, and the Smiths Bible Dictionary will be referenced as SBD with each word that needs further clarification.  

lets look at a law of God declared by him to establish a foundation of how he “God” wants reproduction, replenishing, to happen. Gen:1:20-23, 20: And God said let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving Creature that hath life, and the fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. 21: And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their KIND, and every winged fowel after his kind; and God saw that it was good. 22: And God blessed them, saying, be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters of the seas, and let the fowel multiply in the earth. 23: And the Evening and the morning were the fifth day.

from verse 1:20, 

Said=(559) amar, aw-mar’. a primitive root ; to command, to say, appoint, call, demand, name, promise, use, require, speak.

Waters= (4325) mayim, mah-yim. water figuratively, urine, semen, piss, waisting, watering.

Abubdantly= (8317) sharats, shaw-rats’. a primitive root; to wriggle, swarm, Breed, ( bring forth, increase) abundantly, move.

Creature= (8318)sherets, sheh-rets, root (8317) sharats. a Swarm, active mass of minute animals, creeping thing, to move(-ing , creature)

Life= (2416) root (2421) chay, khah-ee. from chayah root, alive, to live, strong, life, wether literally or figuratively, living (creature, thing).

From verse 20 we are focusing on the base foundation of what is a creature, what is life, what is abundantly, what is waters. These words, although they are repeated, do not mean the same thing in the next verses as we will see. The words Fowl, fly, above, open, ferment, heaven, all mean what we think of as the sky above as now. Just one little difference, that God had not caused it to rain yet, and the waters, or oxygen was abundant in the atmosphere more than is today. But that is another statement to be researched. We see in verse 20 that God brings forth alive, to live, the small creeping things to reproduce through the male seed (Sperm), and the same goes for the fowl of the air. This is a LAW of God. 

Now let’s look at verse 21.

21: And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their KIND, and every winged fowl after his kind; and God saw that it was good.

God= (430) elohiym, el-0-heem. plural of root (433) elowahh; gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used ( in the plural thus, especially with the article) of the Supreme God; occasionally applied by way angels, great, judges.

Created=(1254) bara’, baw-raw. a Primitive root( absolutely) to create; (qualified) to cut down (a wood) select, feed ( as formative process) choose, create(creator) cut down, dispatch, do, make. 

Great=(1419) gadowl, gaw-dale’, from root (1431) gadal, gaw-dal; to twist, to cause large in body, mind, estate or honor, also in pride, dance , boast, bring up exceed, excellent,  great estate, promote, magnify, older, also insolent, elder, far, (man of great) matter, thing, loud , mighty, nobel. 

Whales= (8577)Tannin, tan-neen’, A marine or land Monster, sea serpent, jackal, dragon, sea monster, serpent, whale.

Living= same as life in verse 20.

Creature=(5315)nephesh, neh-fesh, From the root (5314) naphash, properly , a breathing creature, animal of vitality, used very widely in a literal sense, bodily or mental, appetite, beast, body, breath, greedy, he, heart, life, lust, man, me , mind, mortally, one, own. to breath.

Moveth(7430) ramas, raw-mas’, a primitive root; to glide swiftly, to crawl or move with short steps; creep, move.

waters= same as verse 20

abundantly= same as verse 20

kind= (4327) mien, meen. from an unused root meaning to portion out, sort. From the root (4480) min, a part of, from out of, from among, through.

Winged=(3671)kanaph, kaw-nawf’, root (3670) kanaph, kaw-naf’. an edge or extremity; specifically

(of a bird or army) a wing,  of a garment or bed- clothing, a flap, ( of the earth) a qtr of ( a building) , bird, border, corner, end, uttermost part. root- to project laterally, to withdraw, be removed.

fowl, = bird, same in verse 20, kind has already been defined, God has been defined same as in verse 20.

Saw=(7200)ra’ah, raw-aw’. A primitive root to see, literally, or figuratively, approve, gaze, regard, joyfully, discern, respect, view, joy.

Good= used in the same sense as we use now.

So from the definitions of the words we see God (the supreme being, and the word, Jesus, angels) has created creeping things and animals of the sea, birds of the Air,  to reproduce by way of the male seed(sperm), after its own kind, race , species. Also we see that in verse 21 that creature is different than it is in verse 20, and that this word creature (Nephesh) means also beast or a type of man. Read the definition again and ask yourself can an animal lust? Can an animal be of its own person?  Verse 22. And God blessed them, and made a law to be fruitful multiply and fill the waters in the seas, and let the fowl multiply in the earth. Now we must stop in verse 22 and see exactly what follows after waters! Seas! 

Seas=(3220) yam, yawm, unused root meaning to roar, a sea, mediterranean sea, sometimes a large river or artificial basin, locally.

What we must understand here in verse 22 is that God is not talking about Sperm, seed of an animal or seed of the so called beast, but a roaring ocean. We must always, when reading the word of God, look at what the subject and object of the verse is talking about to understand what is meant by the context of the word.  Verse 23 states that this was the fifth day. There is a much deeper meaning on the numerical meaning of fifth, but that is another study, also verse 21 has a much deeper meaning for another study. 

So lets take the verses 20, 21, 22, 23, into context right quick before we proceed. God said let what we create, in this new earth age, come after its own kind through its own posterity and seed. The birds in the air , the whales in the ocean the reptiles that crawl, the bugs that crawl and fly and these beast!This ends the fifth day. 

So let’s get down to the brass tacts of BEAST. Genesis 1:24 ; And God said let the Earth bring forth the Living Creature after His Kind, Cattle, and Creeping things, and Beast of the Earth after His kind: and it was so.

Earth=(776) erets’ eh-rets’ to be firm, the earth or partitively a land, country, field ground wilderness, world.

Forth=(3318)yatsa, yaw-tsaw, to go out, carry outwear out, BEGOTTEN, bring forth, draw forth.

Living= same as life in verse 20, khah-ee’.

Creature=same as in verse 21, neh’-fesh.

Kind=same as in verse 21, meen.

Cattle=(929) bhemah, be-hay-maw’, from an unused root any large quadruped or Animal, cattle, lions, tigers, camels etc…

Thing=(7431) rimes, reh’-mes, from (7430) ramas, a reptile or any other rapidly moving animal, that creepeth.

Beast(2416) chay, khah’-ee, from chayah(2421), alive raw flesh, fresh, strong, life, age, alive, appetite, beast, company, congregation, merry. Root (2331) chavah, to show alive, nourish up.

Earth=same as previous definition, erets.

kind=same as previous definition, meen.

So in verse 24 God has the earth bring forth animals that are land based, quadruped, basically all the living Wild animals on land, earth, in their own country, their own territory. They are to be unique unto their own species. And it was so. Nothing to follow that’s it. Another law of God.

Now verse 25

And God MADE the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind; and God saw that it was good.

Made=(6213) asah, aw-saw’, a primitive root; to do or make, accomplish, advance, appoint, become, bear, bestow, brig forth, finish, fulfill, govern , grant, come to pass. 

Beast= same as in verse 24, khah’-ee, but preceded by the word made by God in this verse.

Earth= same as verse 24, erets.

kind= same as verse 24, meen.

Cattle= same as in verse 24, be-he-maw.

Creepeth= same as “thing” in verse 24, raw-mas’.

Lets summarize verse 25, and see the difference from verse 24.

And God Made the beast of the earth after his kind. The word made shows that these particular beast that God is Making Himself, has some intelligence or advancement about them than the wild beast of verse 24. Also the other quadrupeds, and creeping things had some advancement about them than those in verse 24. Remember beast does not mean quadruped unless it is specifically stated in the Hebrew. So we have wild beast in verse 24 that are not quadruped, and advanced beast in verse 25 that does not mean quadruped. 

Verse 26!

And God said, let us make MAN in OUR image, after OUR likeness: and let them have Dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over ALL the EARTH, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Man=(120) adam, aw-dawm, root (119) aw-dam, to show blood in the face, flush, or turn rosey, to turn red, to blush. 

Image=(6754) tselem, tseh’-lem, from an unused root resemblance, a representation of, image.

Likeness=(1823) dmuwth, dem-ooth’, fashion of, resemblance of, concretely.

Dominion=(7287) radah, raw-daw’, a primitive root, to tread down, subjugate, have dominion of, prevail over, reign over.

Air=(8064) shamayim, shaw-mah-yim, from an unused root meaning to be softly, the sky, the visible arch of the clouds, as well to the higher ether where the celestial bodies revolve. This is a very interesting word. Could be eluding to the present tense of controlling the airways of the sky.

Cattle=same as verse 24, Be-hay-maw.

Earth= same as in verse 25, Eh-rets.

Reptile= same as in verse 25, Reh-mes.

So we see that God and the Elohim gave to the white race, before sin ever entered this world age, Dominion “Reign Over” all the country’s and land and wild beast and the seas of the earth. God through his infinite wisdom gave our race a blessing. He did not do this for any other race. No where in the ancient Hebrew does it proclaim that blacks, Kenites, or orientals, nor any other race should have this blessing of a law spoken by God and proclaimed by the Elohim, reaffirmed by the Elohim. Let’s continue in our research. let’s look at 

Genesis 2:19-20

We see that God calls these beast of the field, same as in verse 1-24, from that area to Adam to show them who is in charge. And by what marks Adam will put upon other animals to be identified by name.

19: And out of the ground the lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air, and brought unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. 20: And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field ; but for Adam was not made a help mate.

Call=(7121) kaw-raw’, call forth, invite, mention, name, PREACH, Proclaim, publish, read.

Ground=(127) ad-aw-maw, soil, country, earth, land.

Name=(8034) shame, definite position, a mark of individuality, appoint, charge, name, shew, tread down.

We see that God formed these beast locally in the same area as Adam, to serve him in any capacity necessary, both male and female. What it does not say is what Adam called these humanoids. 

It is “my understanding” and mine alone that is not scripture, that Adam is addressing these beast and  animals, and the positions they will hold for his benefit. 

Genesis 3:1 

Now the serpent was more subtile than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.

This word beast is the same as in Genesis 1:24, but something happened during Genesis 1 that explains this comparison. It is strange that God would compare his greatest angel that he ever made, Lucifer, the shinning one, to a lowly humanoid! That is another research topic, but what I can tell you is that at this time Lucifer had been made lower than these beasts for a reason. 

Genesis 6:19 and 9:2, seems Noah and his kids had to bring these lowly humanoids into the arc with them.

The word thing in Genesis 6:19 is the same word as beast in Genesis 1:24. If you just read the English you would not know that. That’s why it is so important to take the KJV back to the original manuscripts definitions.

Genesis 9:2 

And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth. 

Fear=(4172) mo-raw, fear by implication, a fearful thing, dread, that ought to be feared, terribleness, terror

Dread=(2844) khath, from the root (2865) khaw-thath’, to break down, by violence, by confusion, fear, abolish, afraid discourage, terrify.

Beast=same as in verse 1:24

Genesis 9:5

And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and the hand of man; at the hand of every mans brother will I require the life of man

We see that God is making a law of the consequences of committing murder. Lets look at the word BEAST, and HAND.

Hand=(3027) yad,-yawd, A hand. Open or closed, his hand.

Beast=same as before, Hebrew word khah’-ee, from verse 24.

If beast means animal, why would God require their life for committing murder? Beasts Do not have Hands! Wild animals go about their day killing and eating, and do not distinguish whether it is right or wrong, good or evil, it is instinctual, therefore animals cannot sin.

Again we see that beast is not the same as quadruped, animal, etc.. but means some kind of humanoid that is to be subjugated, never equal to the white race. This is not me making up some trivial hodge podge, this is coming from the man upstairs Himself. 

Jeremiah 27:1-7 will be our second witness to Genesis. 

1:In the of the reign of jehoiakim the son of josiah king of Judah came this word unto Jeremiah from the lord, saying. 2: thus saith the lord to me, make the bonds and yokes , and put them upon thy neck. 3: and send them to the king of Edom, and to the King of Moab, and to the king of the Ammonites, and to the King if Tyris, and to the King of Zidon, by the hand of the messengers which come to Jerusalem unto Zedekiah King of Judah; 4: and command them to say unto their masters, thus saith the LORD of Host, God of Israel; thus shall ye say unto your masters; 5: I have made the Earth, the Man and the beast that are upon the ground, by my great power and by my outstretched arm, and have given it unto whom it seemed meet unto me. 6: And now have i given all these lands into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon, my servant; and the beast of the field have i given him also to serve him.

7: And all nations shall serve him , and his sons , and his son’s son’s, until the very time of his land come: and then many nations and great Kings shall serve themselves of him.

We will take verse five “5” and compare to verse six “6” the word beast, and see is it the same word or does verse 6 mean something totally different!

Verse 5

Earth= eh-rets, country, land nations , county.

Man= aw-dawm, from the root 119 aw-dam to show blood in the face, from root 122 aw-dome’, rosy, red, blush.

Beast= (929) be-hay-maw’ a dumb beast, any large quadruped or animal, or cattle.

In verse 5 we see that God is proclaiming the He made the white man, and the quadrupeds, “beast” be-hay-maw’, and pretty much everything that crawls or walks upon the ground and in every known country at that time. And He will give dominion of it too whomever He wishes.

Now verse 6

Beast=(2416) khah-ee, from the root (2421) kaw-yaw, from the root (2331) kah-vah, from the root (2331) khav-aw, to show alive, raw flesh, strong masculine form of life, living creature, to declare or show alive.

Field=(7704) saw-deh’, to spread out, flat, country, ground , land , soil, wild.

Given:(5414) naw-than’, to give, used with greatest latitude application.

Serve=(5647) aw-bad’, to work, to serve, enslave, keep in bondage, be bondmen, bond service, laboring man “creature”.

We see in verse 6 that the word beast has a different word, and different meaning than in verse five, and its reaffirmed different by the word serve. quadrupeds are not enslaved, they are not kept in bondage, they are not bond-men. This is the same word from Genesis 1:24. 

Lets look at the new testament for affirmation.

II Peter 2:12

But these, as natural brute BEASTS, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand Not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption.

Natural=(5446) Greek, phusikos, foo-see-koce’- physical instinctive, natural, irrational, destitute of reason.

Brute=(249) Greek, alogos, al’-og-os,- irrational , unreasonable

Beast=(2226) Greek, zoon, dzo’-on, – a living thing, creature, among the living, of mortals.

An animal cannot be irrational, nor can they reason. God, from verses 10-22, compares false preachers to these beasts in verse 12.

Jude 1:10

But these speak evil of things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beast, in those things they corrupt themselves.

Brute= same as II peter, – alogos

Beast= same as II peter, – zoon.

Lets look at the root word for brute, in the Greek its (249) al-og-os, root is (3056) logos,- cause communication , mental faculty, a word utter by a living voice. An animal cannot utter words unless God allows it so.

Lets take a comparison of words for beast in the new testament.

Acts 10:12, Acts 11:16, and Romans 1: 23. all of these verses use the Greek word “tetrapoda” from the (5074) Greek tet-rap’-ooce, a quadruped, a 4 footed beast, animal.

In the Greek we see the word brute in front of the word beast. this is done on purpose to distinguish between a humanoid beast, and the quadruped animal beast. We have another word in the Greek for poisonous beast, or dangerous beast. 

from Mark 1:13 speaking of Jesus in the wilderness, And he was there in the wilderness forty days , tempted of Satan, and was with the wild beast , and the angels ministered unto him.

Beast=(2342) therion, thay-ree’-on,- a dangerous animal, venomous, wild, a wild animal.

I have used the scientific method as my guide to insure I have not strayed off course and given an hypotheses  without analyzing the data against my hypothesis. 

Asked a question: what does “beast” mean in the bible?

Research: found that in the Hebrew and Aramaic their are two very different meanings and words for the word beast, one stands for quadruped, a four legged animal, the other a living creature that is bipedal has hands and serve Man, “Adam”.

Hypotheses: The word beast , depending on how it is used can mean a creature that is upright and walks on two legs, or a wild beast.

Test:Compared the two words, beast, of the old testament and the 3 words for beast of the new testament to distinguish the nature of the verse being used. And how the words for beast are of different definition and different translations.

Analyze data and draw conclusion. My conclusion is that the Bible, “God’s Word” draws a distinctive separation in the Hebrew and Greek for animal, domestic cattle, and a creature that is upright, has hands and is a bond servant. The Hebrew and the Greek distinguish which is which by the preceding word to describe specifically what or whom it speaks of.

Results: The Adamic white race was given dominion over all countries, not just as rulers but as examples to these beasts as to how God wanted law, order and a hierarchy. God’s word does not say what race of people he declared as beasts, but that they were destructive, bond servants, and slaves to be ruled over, and not for miscegenation between the white Adamic race. The law of God was that these beasts were to remain in their own “erets” country, land, habitat, Never to wander out. We can read in God’s word where this law was broken time and time again by our people, and the Kenites who bought these beasts from their own kindred with just shiny beads and moved them out of their natural habitat. Their habitat was their “erets”, their home, where they, by God’s nature, could be ruled over. I believe from God’s word we can distinguish who these beasts are at this present time.

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