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Who do you trust?

The new 2021 (((Edelman))) Trust Barometer, an annually published survey assessing which institutions people have faith in both worldwide and in the U.S., has just been released and is being fretted over by the controlled media.

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

If you want to know who is in power, take notice of whom you are not allowed to criticize. If you want to know who trusts those in power, well, it’s generally those advocated for by the ones in power. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising to find that, according to the newest (((Edelman)))Trust Barometer, 63% of leftists trust the controlled media, while only 21% of conservatives do. That’s because both sides recognize that the controlled media is a monopoly of leftist Jewish owned and controlled propaganda shills. One thing about leftists which differs starkly from those on the right is that leftists know how to follow a narrative and stick to the script, like a little dog with a bone. They remain united in their messaging because they are by nature more consensus driven and submissive, driven by their feminine psyches. Leftists trust the controlled media because the controlled media is on their side, that’s not rocket science, and right wingers, about 80% of them at least, distrust the controlled media, for the same reason. We didn’t really need a Jew taking a big nationwide survey before and after the election to tell us that, but it’s what we got.

What we also got from this new report, being whined over by journalists today, which (((Edelman))) carried out both before and after the (((election))) in order to gauge any shifts in sentiment triggered by that event, is more evidence that the people whom we are most interested in, those defined as conservatives, also now trust the government FAR less than they did two months ago. This supports our thesis that many CivNats are evolving into Balk Rightists.

Here are some hot takes from the survey:

-57% of people in general said that they distrust the government, business leaders, and the media. Since the (((election))), more people overall distrust the government, especially on the right, where over two thirds don’t want to climb into the boxcar.

-Over a third of respondents indicated that they have no interest in taking the Covid vaccine, ever. Another third said they would wait a year to see, and decide then.

-Trust is local. People tend to put faith in those whom they know personally. Furthermore, they instinctively trust those more who are perceived to share their interests and identities on a political, regional, cultural, and racial level. The exception to this generality is that, perhaps out of the necessity of desperation, a majority tend to trust their employers. There’s nothing new about that. It’s the basis of every healthy feudal system. The word ‘lord’ comes from the Old English title ‘hlaford’, which meant ‘loaf giver’. Those who give the bread, give the orders.

(((Edelman))’s conclusion? Since the public trusts business leaders more than politicians or journalists, business leaders should step forward in ‘informing the public’ more. In other words, Madison Avenue advertising should replace the 24 hour news cycle, as we have seen happening with more and more companies taking publicly woke SJW stances, promoting race mixing and homosexuality, over the last, oh, few decades or so. Our analysis indicates that the Jews mean this as a warning to the fifth estate: if your ratings continue to fall, we will remove you as the propaganda middlemen, and all you talking heads can go to work in our order processing centers.

What we need, instead, is for our people to continue to awaken from their mass cope, shrug off their denial, and be truly woke, at least a percentage of them, to the fact that the establishment is their enemy, from the media moguls to those in Congress to law enforcement, right down the line. The Chairmen of Exxon Mobile and BP, the owner of Amazon, the CEO of Wal-Mart, the Commander in Chief, and the Chief of Police are equally culpable, and more of our people now know it. These numbers indicate that they are coming our way. They will learn to trust themselves again, learn to trust each other again as an ethnos, a tribe, a race, and from the kind of irl associations encouraged by The ShieldWall Network, they will learn to trust their ability to take control of their own destinies and build their own future, once again. Hasten The Day.

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