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Stuck in the Middle With Joe

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

As we saw the night of the Inauguration and the next day, it was the radical left, Antifa and BLM, who looted and rioted and attacked government buildings in response to Joe Biden being sworn in. Those of us on the Balk Right mainly were too busy finishing our food preps and loading magazines for what is to come to engage in more political theater, and the CivNats were deradicalized for the moment by QAnon level false flag threats of false flag actions which never happened.

So, why were the Communist and Anarchist anti-White factions on the march in Seattle and Portland and other Left Coast cities under their control? One would think they would be happy to witness the most liberal and socialist administration ever assembled taking power, right? Not so fast.

Antifa has positioned itself to the Biden administration’s far left, even as oppositional to it, warning its followers to distrust the domestic terrorism legislation which could be used against them.

You see, unlike the far right, the far left is never complacent, never lazy, never content to settling for what they perceive as the lesser of two evils. In the eternal game of the dialectic struggle, that is why they gain ground and conservatives give it up. Leftists don’t take the easy way out with conspiracy theories to placate them into inactivity or mainstream deradicalization efforts from the establishment elite. What they will do, though, is take a bone thrown their way to shut up.

What is that bone, and how will it affect the rest of us? Well, Biden and Schumer and Pelosi serve the same corporate elite, the same billionaire one percenter capitalist bosses, that the establishment Republicans like McConnell and Graham and Romney serve. Those shot-callers don’t want to see the economy completely gutted with the kind of full-blown socialism that the extreme Democratic radical base demands of the Biden administration. They are still turning a profit using everyone as wage slaves and consumers, and that is all they really care about. They aren’t ideologically driven like the Jews who seek the demographic replacement of Whites by way of statistical genocide as a fulfillment of their innate demonic nature and its group adaptive survival strategy developed over the last few centuries of pogroms. C’mon, man, the only color they care about is green.

So, they will let the Keystone XL pipeline get cancelled and shale and fracking production be curtailed to satisfy the tree hugging faction of Democrats, even though it means higher gas prices, more expensive commercial and industrial production and transport costs, and along with the trillions of dollars in new stimulus spending and student loan bailouts and federal programs will cause hyper inflation, they think they can ride that tiger. What they want to stave off is UBI, and the nationalization of the means of production, and government takeover of factories or regulation of their industries, from Big Tech to Big Pharma. That requires a distraction for the far left, away from the economic sphere.

The bedrock foundation of American foreign policy, aside from the feel-good smoke and mirrors of the Paris Climate Accord and the WHO, is its unilateral support for Israel, and so long as Jews control the news and entertainment industry as well as so much of the government, that’s not going to change. Look at Biden’s cabinet. After all, the investment bankers and hedge fund managers we’re talking about here aren’t disproportionally Irish with a loyalty to County Cork. There’s no wiggle room there. So, what gives?

You’re it. In order to placate the radical extremists, and keep control of the economy, the establishment will focus the energies of the left into domestic policy, specifically into combating ‘domestic terrorism’ and ‘home-grown extremists’, which basically means anyone who looks like a Founding Father or shares any of their views. One of those whom they first will seek to deplatform, censor, and silence before the real purge begins stated yesterday that if the state of Israel announced that the biggest threat to its security was Jews, everyone would wonder who the hell had taken over control of the state of Israel. The people who founded the United States specifically as a White Nationalist state of, by, and for Whites are now considered the greatest threat against its government by those who are in control, and as many Trump supporters are now beginning to understand, they aren’t going to be voted out.

The radical left will be given full license to villify, doxx, harrass, and intimidate anyone paler than Kamala, in efforts to force them and their opinions off of social media. Lawsuits and prosecutions of Whites for politically incorrect statements will become as commonplace as firings are becoming. Federal law enforcement, and however much local, County, and State law enforcement can be coopted into their JTTF configurations, will be regularly going on fishing expeditions to increase their ration effect and justify their multi-billion dollar bureau budgets. Their goal will be one of three things with each visit: either get the suspect to contradict themselves or inadvertently say something incorrect which would open them to prosecution for the procedural violation of lying to them, or snagging the next lead to follow up on and continue their investigation, both of which require you stupidly saying anything beyond “Am I under arrest?” and “Am I being detained?” and “I have nothing to say.” Or, failing those, to intimidate the suspect into inactivity and disassociation from like-minded people irl. Either of those three is a victory to them. I’m sure you all are smart enough to understand why. Once Whites have been censored and deplatformed and silenced, Red Flag Laws and Gun Confiscations won’t face as much organized resistance. Nor will the hate speech laws which by that point will simply codify and make de jure what has already become the de facto law of the land. Those cops who won’t “just follow orders” are already being purged, and so are the soldiers.

Unless you decide now to finally act. Unless you remove yourself from the cities and the diverse suburbs. Unless you unplug from the system, and by disengaging from it weaken it by denying it your allegiance, service, and presence. Unless you stop procrastinating and waiting for things to get better. Unless you pull that hopium needle out of your arm and realize that you can’t just hunker down and stay quiet and try to vote for some RINO in 2024, or the God Emperor himself, again. It’s too late for that.

Their relentless pursuit will force Whites together in opposition against them. We will organize in the remaining online corners where we can, but recognize that our purpose in doing so is primarily, and must be, to foster irl organization and collectivization offline through networks such as ShieldWall. Our goals shift inexorably to reaching those who want to live in a White ethnostate with our message, more urgently now, because the day is coming when the doors to the ark will have to shut, even in Oz.

A hard rain is about to fall.

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  1. Heartland Separatist.

    I was amazed that even as Biden was elected a slew of Trumpsters all over social media told about how God appeared to them in a dream, or sometimes in person, to state that Trump will be re-elected, that Biden’s efforts will fail even if he is inaugurated as president. Trust the plan. Donald is playing 4D chess! In the meantime Biden had the FBI do loyalty checks on the National Guard guarding and those with Trump loyalists were sent home. That army was not to protect Biden from “White Supremacist Terror” but was meant to be in your face as regards red-state America! These next four years prove to be as exciting and dangerous as the second coming of Corn Pop. “Corn Pop was a bad dide and ran a bunch of bad boys…” (I trust we have all heard Biden telll the saga of Corn Pop)

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