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Which (((Whites)))?

by Paul Jones

In the “Weekend Arts” section of the Jan. 22, 2021 “The New York Times” there is a review of a new Bollywood film, “The White Tiger.” This film from India deals with a “rags to riches” story of a shrewd, lower caste Indian who finds ways to climb the difficult social ladder. In the review, it states that “History has only confirmed what Balram, an astute self-taught observer of the tides of fortune, sees around him. ‘The white man,’ he writes to Wen, is on the way down, while in China and India, ‘the yellow man and the brown man’ are ascendant.”

However, Balram fails to observe that there are two categories of whites, only one of which has definitely been on a downward path for decades, and that one is those of European descent in the United States and all over the West. The other category, the Jews, have had the totally opposite path since the end of “the last good war,” World War II. In fact, at least for the present, this small percentage of the overall number of whites are still the “top dogs” in the world, but with China close behind.

In the United States, for pragmatic political purposes, the Jews prefer to self-identify as whites, and to point them out as being different than European-Americans is to be then smeared as anti-Semitic by the powerful agencies to control gentiles, such as the Anti-Defamation League and so many others. The same phenomenom also is present in Western Europe, controlled too by the Jewish Power Structure.

However, there is no problem with our “fellow whites” in Israel self-identifying themselves totally as Jews. In that country, they have no hesitation in making a clear distinction between themselves and whites of European descent and are careful to make sure that Arabs and any other goyim can never gain control of their country.

However, in the United States and all over the West it’s a different story. For various reasons, the Jewish Establishment wants to make sure that “the white man” there, as the character in “The White Tiger” observes, remains “on the way down.” But if this drive for domination by reducing the numbers of whites in these countries continues unabated, it is going to eventually destroy their foundations which up to now have had white majorities. By inviting in growing numbers of non-whites from lower average I.Q. regions, a tipping point will be reached where the economies will no longer be sustainable. The “milk cows,” and especially the principal “milk cow,” the United States, will become Third World and at that point the prediction by the hero of the Indian film of their eventual slide to the economic bottom could well become reality. The Jews, in their infinite chutzpah, will have “killed the goose that lays the golden egg,” the whites of European descent. In destroying them as a people, they will finally have destroyed themselves.

In trying to predict the future at such a point, it’s clear to me that China will be well ahead of India due to their superior average I.Q., and here is where I differ with some of those on the Racial Right who think that those of European descent who remain in mostly white enclaves in the United States and the West will necessarily have to combat the Chinese. From my perspective of having lived in a mainly Chinese section of New York City for a good number of years and having taught U.S. History to many Chinese students fresh from China, I believe that instead of allying with Israel in some sort of shared world power scheme, that the Chinese will become our ally and actually help us in rebuilding Western Civilization from the rubble resulting from Jewish control. They have a true appreciation of our heritage that most of European descent no longer have due to the brainwashing in the educational system and media which has made them guilt ridden and pathetic.

In any case, such far reaching futurology is pretty much wide ranging speculation, so for the moment we simply must concentrate on raising European-American self-awareness of the greatness of our past and work towards the establishment of ethnostates in the mostly white regions of the United States.


  1. Heartland Separatist.

    I would like to point out that according to UN projections Africa will have 4.5 billion people by the end of the century with Nigeria becoming the third most populated nation on Earth behind India and China. Nigeria cannot feed the people it always has. Where will these excess Nigerians go? To the European Union, to the United States and Canada, and to the rest of the Anglo-Sphere nations! White people have no idea what is about to hit them by the end of the century!

  2. Glincoln

    Maybe one day we’ll all get along (sarcasm). God’s will…that’s what I keep telling myself.

  3. RONA Renegade

    The Chinese are going to abandon their ideological cousins in israel to help Whites in the U.S. rebuild?

    The favorite billionaire daughter of the jews from Chicago who stuck the U.S. with israel gave everyone in China a tax free 10 year visa to the USA as Sec. of Commerce during the Obama administration, which was a big gotcha from the globalists that their corrupt fall guy Trump never addressed…..the Chinese are coming here to buy up as much of the U.S. as possible with what used to be Our money, and they are not doing that on Our behalf, nor out of benevolence or nostalgia.

    • Comment by post author


      Do you feel we are more likely to get support in White ethnostates from Russia?

      • RONA Renegade

        Russia could be a White ethnostate by Easter if things keep going the way they are currently ……and imo only…..John Wayne and the cavalry are not coming over the hill to save Whites in the U.S., half the country, what used to be Our government and much of the rest of the world will line up against us and as of this afternoon Bidens jews over at DHS have issued a ” domestic terror” warning in response to any recalitrant rowdys who may be upset over the impeachment proceedings , so it looks to me currently that Whites in Russia really have their hands full right now and so do We.

        Again imo, should Russia devolve further, many of the oligarchs and Putin are very likely to go to israel should they survive, and that would be a very positive development for pro Whites in the U.S.

  4. dean

    I was among the Southern boys who built the offshore oilfields in Southeast Asia (Far East). We found the Chinese and other Far East Asians severely lacking in technology, experience and equipment. They couldn’t build an offshore oilfield for all the tea in China.

    That Asians gave higher IQ’s is a Big Lie. They come over here and get all the answers for free. You cannot skips steps when taking the upward path. The laws of nature forbid it. You must have the foundation below . When these people are cutoff from White technology, they will fall down to the steps that are waiting for them.

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